What Is Chartered Accountancy And How Does It Benefit Your Business?

A chartered accountancy firm holds membership to either an institute or association of chartered accountants. To obtain membership to these organisations, a series of examinations must be passed. Although there are good practising accountants who do not belong to these establishments, it is worth hiring a chartered accountant for your business for the following reasons. 

How to setup your accounting business

They have the experience 

While it’s not necessarily the case that other accountants will lack experience, some operate without any professional or educational qualifications. In passing the examinations that chartered accountants have, this has enabled them to further develop their knowledge and skillset. When you are placing your business finances into an accountant’s hands, you want to feel confident that the money will be safe and managed in the best possible way. Choosing a chartered accountancy firm means you can be certain they will provide top quality service. 

Chartered accountancy helps with your development 

Accountants can help you develop your business by advising you on how to invest your money and create a bigger profit. Topics covered in the chartered accountancy exams include business strategy, and this knowledge puts them in a better position to advise you on your next move. Seeking the help of a chartered accountancy firm, such as Howlader & Co who offer a range of services, could be particularly useful for those who have just started on their business venture and who may not have much experience in this area.

Brings security 

When it comes to your finances, security is the biggest issue that individuals and business owners alike will face. No one wants to feel uneasy about who they place their trust in when it comes to their money, so choosing a chartered accountant can help to put your mind at ease. This is because they are regulated by professional bodies and will be bound by rules of compliance. They are also obliged to have professional indemnity insurance cover, which means that, in the event anything does go wrong, you will be kept safe. This isn’t to say that other accountancy firms will not be trustworthy; it simply means that it will be guaranteed with a firm that operates under this title. 

Bespoke Software

To help with complex accounting processes, a chartered accountant might use bespoke software. Certain software can be used to calculate depreciation, properly account for a finance lease or capital lease, and give you peace of mind. Software, whether lease accounting software or general software, might cost your business more money but it can streamline processes and make accounting a lot easier. It’ll give you more time to put into your business or make life easier for your accountant. You might prefer a more general software but whatever segment of accounting you’re finding difficult, you can bet there’s something out there to help you out.


Due to the regulations that are imposed on chartered accountants, this means that you can relax in the knowledge that they practice with integrity, will always be accountable and will put the client’s needs first. A code of ethics regulates their practices; therefore, you can trust them to be discreet with your financial information and be open and honest with you about how they manage your money. 

Level of professionalism 

Due to all of the above, the standard of professionalism maintained by chartered accountancy firms is incredibly high. This is a desirable quality that everyone seeks in an accountant. It is because of their training, expertise and the regulations in place to keep clients safe that you can trust these professionals to take care of your money. 

There are many things to consider when choosing an accountant for your business; however, a chartered accountancy firm guarantees you the finest quality of service in the industry. 

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