8 Career Choices You Will Enjoy if You Love the Sight of the Sea

For those that love being on the water, a career that lets them spend their days on the sea may be a dream job. Here are eight careers that water lovers should consider. These jobs allow the person to earn a paycheck while living their best life on the sea.


One: Ship Captain

Those with a love for the sea and sailing may want to consider a career as a ship captain. The captain holds a lot of responsibility on their shoulders as they oversee every aspect of the ship. A person can purchase a ship at www.nautisnp.com or get an entry-level position and work their way up to being a captain.

Both passenger ships and cargo ships need captains. The captain oversees safety for passengers and crew, the staff, and the vessel’s maintenance and care. If something goes wrong, it is the captain’s job to save the day.

Two: Oceanographer

Being an oceanographer requires either a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. Oceanographers study the ocean, just as geographers study the Earth. How much money does an oceanographer make? According to Glassdoor, the average US salary for this position is $80,693.

Three: Naval Architect

A naval architect builds and designs ships. This career requires a bachelor’s degree, but it pays very well. A person will also need years of real-life experience to land a job in this career.

Four: Marine Biologist

Those that love fish, water, and science should consider a career as a marine biologist. Marine biologists study ocean ecosystems and saltwater creatures. To be a marine biologist, a person needs a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate.

Five: Commercial Diver

Those who are not scared of spending time under the water should consider a career in commercial diving. This job requires certification, training, and diving equipment. Commercial divers do everything from making underwater repairs to conducting underwater experiments.

Six: Hydrologist

Those that love water and science should consider becoming a hydrologist. A hydrologist researches the water’s circulation, distribution, and physical properties. This career requires either a bachelor’s or master’s degree and pays an average of $80,000 per year in the United States.

Seven: Lifeguard

Those that want to help people and work on the water should consider becoming a lifeguard. This career requires great physical strength, strong swimming skills, and the physical ability to provide rescue services when needed. A formal degree is not required, but there will be required training. This job also pays less than the other jobs on this list, averaging around $20,000 per year in the United States.

Eight: Fisherman

Being a fisherman is a career that gets people out on the water and enjoying the sunshine. This is a labor-intensive job that requires strength, stamina, and a love of the sea. Fishermen start by locating areas with fish. They then drop nets and traps. Later, they pull up the nets and traps and remove the caught fish.

After hauling in their catch, many fishermen are responsible for cleaning the fish. They also have to store and pack the fish and keep them cold during transport. This is a dirty job that requires commitment. Some people may be able to get a job as a fisherman with little to no training, while some companies require a two-year vocational course or going through a U.S. Coast Guard-approved training course.

In conclusion, the eight careers above will have sea lovers getting paid to work on the water. Some require degrees, but not all of them. There is bound to be one career listed above that will be the perfect fit for a water lovers’ career.