Can Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Neuropathy?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Thesis Statement: Neuropathy is a chronic condition in which the sufferer experience extreme pain. In this article, we will be talking about neuropathy as well as ACV that you can use for treating nerve pains.

Neuropathy occurs when the nerves in the body are permanently damaged which leads to numbness, tingling, pricking, sharp pains, sensitivity to touch, cramps, and loss of sensation.

Unfortunately, normal medicines are not effective in the case of neuropathy patients have to rely on high potency ones. Therefore, patients suffering from neuropathy try to find alternate ways to get rid of it. Because as we all know that nerve pain can drastically interrupt your daily activities as the pain gets unbearable over time. Therefore, people suffering from it try to get rid of it using any method that people claim to be effective. In fact, there are a number of home remedies that can relieve nerve pain. Many home remedies are pretty effective in subsiding the pain such as using Epsom salt, white willow tea, and apple cider vinegar. As a matter of act, one of the biggest acv benefits is its ability to subside and relieve pain.

The Use of ACV as a Pain Reliever

Because of the same reason, people have been using it to treat many diseases using it for centuries now. The use of ACV as a pain reliever dates back to 300 BC, even the famous Greek scholar Hippocrates is said to use it. Even now in the current era, we still use it to treat cholesterol, boost weight loss and reduce nerve pain. And it also helps to boost the immune system. It has both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Many people find it best to ease the pain of neuropathy. The reason behind it is the excellent amount of minerals that Apple cider vinegar has, including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, it helps to reduce the inflammation that nerve damage causes.

Its anti-inflammatory properties help to treat the patient suffering from diabetes as it reduces foot swelling. However, there is no cure for diabetic peripheral neuropathy because they damage the nerves due to high blood sugar levels, and the damage is permanent and you can’t recover from it. Therefore, the only way to get rid of it is to control blood glucose levels.

Cause Of Pain in Neuropathy

There are many types of neuropathies and on the basis of their type, they have different symptoms and diagnoses. Some people inherit them, others develop it. The body and nerves need an adequate amount of potassium and sodium for normal functioning. In neuropathy, these levels get disturbed, which leads to so many other problems with normal functions of the body. The leading causes include Alcoholism, Facial nerve problems, Shingles, Radiation therapy, trauma, or nerve compression.

Symptoms Of Neuropathy

In neuropathy, a person experiences needle-like pain that does not need a proper stimulus to evoke improper sleeping or emotional disturbance.


Doctors generally conduct a nerve test NCS to diagnose along with a physical examination can help to diagnose neuropathy. However, it’s better to cure the underlying cause of pain than to cure the pain.

Can Apple cider vinegar help with nerve pain?

Pain is the main problem in neuropathy, and you can’t cure it permanently, but we can get relief from it for a short time by using ACV. However, in order to get rid of pain permanently, you need to find the underlying cause. Medicines are one of the ways to treat pain, but they are not very effective in this case, so people try to find alternate ways to get rid of it. Although it’s not scientifically proven, people still find it more beneficial. ACV has antioxidant properties that help to remove toxins causing the pain, but the same pain can be experienced in people suffering from hypokalemia because they already have a low level of potassium in the body and a further decrease in its level causes tingling and numbness.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

Historically, it was use to treat sore throats and other infections and was also in use for many other treatments. It’s also practical to lower glucose levels and cholesterol and boost weight loss. Along with other benefits, it improves the immune system of a person so he can get the minimum risk of contracting a disease.

It has a few side effects, too, but it’s safe if you take it within a limit and only when required amount.

How to use Apple cider vinegar

The best way is to use it in your everyday life such as dressing for salads. Even if you don’t like the taste of av then, you can use Apple cider vinegar diluted in water, in the form of capsules or gummies. Starting with a small dose is best, then increasing gradually depending on your need. The typical dosage is 1-4 teaspoons a day.

Final Words

Apple cider vinegar can be beneficial and harmful, depending on how you’re using it. It’s better to consult your doctor before using it to avoid any future complications. As far as apple cider vinegar and neuropathy goes, the benefits are real and people who use it say so themselves.

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