Can A.I. Learn the Language faster than a Kid?

Even a few years ago, it seemed impossible for the A.I. to achieve tasks that require a fair bit of creativity. Writers and painters don’t create things that mimic reality; they create something new. Surely a machine wouldn’t be able to do that? Wrong. A.I. is already capable of creating paintings that are indistinguishable from the ones created by humans. It doesn’t just replicate the world it knows about; the paintings are far from showing scenes that you could find anywhere. 

Okay, but could an A.I. learn the language faster than a child? The short answer is: not yet. To properly understand the meaning behind concepts, humans learn by observing others. Without the context, it would be impossible for us to understand the language with precision. The language that we use in our homes isn’t similar to the formal written language. When we are talking with our friends, we often use partial sentences, jargon, or sarcasm. The real challenge is to teach robots how to learn from this fairly unstructured construct. 

Sure, there are robots in automated chats that seem human-like, but could a robot use this mess-of-a-language that we use and pass for a human? So far, the answer is no, but the field of natural language processing became extremely popular in recent years. It is impossible to tell whether in the upcoming years we’ll witness a major breakthrough, though it doesn’t seem unlikely. When it comes to A.I., most of our predictions were wrong, and the technology is advancing much faster than we’ve anticipated. Perhaps we will encounter robots that could learn faster than children soon.


If you want to learn more about the recent developments of A.I., check out this infographic, provided by Inside Tech.

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