C2Legacy: What Is It And How Can It Help You?


We are living in a digitized world, no doubt about it. Businesses that do not have a strong online brand and presence will struggle finding a toe hold in the digital marketplace as people are using the Internet in new and interesting ways more than ever before. The emergence and development of cryptocurrency speaks to the evolution of the monetary system as it too must keep pace with global digitization. As the cryptocurrency revolution speeds up, new systems and concepts are evolving alongside of it to meet the needs of crypto investors and those owning digital assets.

C2Legacy, created by Marie-Antoinette Tichler, addresses the issue of digital legacies and how they should and can be transferred to subsequent generations and heirs. C2Legacy is an American digital assets estate service that uses blockchain technology to enable the passing on of digital legacies.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a growing list of connected digital information chunks called ‘blocks’. Each block is connected and secured through cryptography (the study of methods for secure communication and networking). Each block contains the cryptographic hash (mathematical algorithm) of the block that came before it, transaction data, and a time stamp. Once a block is formed, it cannot be unformed or altered. Thus, each block in the chain authenticates the next. As a ledger, this is a highly secure system for the preservation of data as it is regulated collectively by a peer-to-peer network.

How C2Legacy Uses Blockchain Technology

C2Legacy uses blockchain technology to deal with proof of ownership after an investor’s demise. Thanks to blockchain technology, the digital assets owned by one investor can be passed down to their chosen heir in a secure and efficient manner. Blockchain technology links numerous platforms to share and secure information contained in the blocks. The information contained in the blocks such as asset type, amount, investor identity, and chosen heirs are shared and stored simultaneously on numerous platforms linked in the blockchain. As these platforms are linked securely, the cryptocurrency and other digital assets information being shared is also secure.

When an investor dies, their information is accessible and permitted on the multiple platforms. Government, investment companies, and mining platforms all store the information. The security provided by the shared information and accessibility of the investor’s information on the various platforms means that the investor does not have to depend on attorneys or private keys to cryptocurrency wallets to distribute the digital assets and verify ownership.

How a Digital Asset Management Platform Can Help You

If you are a crypto investor or owner of digital assets, you will want to feel confident that your digital legacy will be passed on to whomever you choose as securely and efficiently as possible. Having a digital asset management platform can help investors by allowing enterprises and individuals to establish a secure, private, and affordable fixed ledger account. This unchangeable ledger account will effectively create a ‘certificate of estates’. Through a decentralized network, the US Social Security Administration will confirm proof of death of the investor by providing a certificate of death. In doing so, the network will securely transfer/distribute the digital assets to the designated heirs. C2Legacy marries digital assets with estate planning in a private and secure service.

Where to Find More Information on C2Legacy

If you are intrigued by C2Legacy and want to learn more about it, visit the C2Legacy website for a thorough explanation of various levels of C2Legacy, including long-term goals. Following Marie-Antoinette Tichler, creator and CEO of C2Legacy, on Facebook and Twitter is an effective way to keep up with C2Legacy updates and developments. C2Legacy allows investors to create their own digital legacy without the insecurity of not knowing where it will end up after they die.

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