Do Business Cards Still Have a Place in People’s Wallets?

business cardsThere has been fierce debate over the relevance of the humble business card in today’s largely online-based business world. Some have named sites like LinkedIn and cloud computing as the deadly foe of the networking tool, with access to all you could need to know about any business now available at one touch of a screen. Yet the business card is holding its own, and it’s time to find out why your company still needs them:

With Cards, All is not Lost

During a business meeting, you may do all you can to encourage your new acquaintances to want to reconnect with you and become valuable contacts, but it’s all too easy for website addresses or LinkedIn details to be misplaced. A business card serves as a physical reminder of your meeting that’s harder to lose, and besides, it adds that personal touch that some words prefixed with a www just can’t.


They’re Still Expected

You’ll still hear the request “give me your card and I’ll be in touch” batted about at all sorts of business networking events, and who wants to be the one to say “actually, we don’t have any”? Unlike apps and the like, business cards provide a quick and easy way to share your information.


They’re Another Platform to Make a Great Impression

Having creative business cards that are unique to your company will ensure you stand out, and they can really show off your business’s personality. For professional cards that’ll do your company justice, employ the services of a specialist business card printing company such as Flyerzone. A card provides an expression of your business’s identity that is difficult to create on online networking sites which simply use the same old templates for every user.


They Complement Your Online Presence

Business cards can’t replace your online presence – and they don’t need to. The more the world moves on to the net, the more we appreciate the option of real-life props to help us make connections. Your card, if done properly, can be the tool that gets your contacts involved with your online presence, but also the thing that keeps you in their minds. After all, who wouldn’t want a good-looking business card in their wallet?

What are your thoughts?  Do business cards still have a place?  What about in 5 years?

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  1. Couldn’t agree more! I understand that you can send people info digitally just fine, but there’s still something about business cards that’s helpful. When I come back from a business trip, I have a bunch of cards that provide me with the reminder I need to follow up with. Also, I can write quick notes on them during or after the meeting on what to follow up with.
    Glad someone agrees that they’re still necessary.

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