Buffalo, New York Fitness Expert Christopher Lee Shares His Favorite Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Aren’t Getting Enough Exercise

Being an entrepreneur is more than just a job; it is a lifestyle. The demanding lifestyle of running a small business can leave little time left over for anything else, but getting enough exercise is important for a healthy mind and body. 

It is recommended that adults get between thirty minutes and an hour of physical activity every day. This could be anything from walking to dancing, weight lifting, or playing sports. Below, Christopher Lee, a fitness industry guru from Buffalo, NY, shares tips for entrepreneurs who aren’t getting enough exercise. 


Schedule It 

Those of us who are entrepreneurs and take on small business ventures know the importance of a schedule. If you are not already using a planner (there are many apps for smartphones and free printouts online), then you should be. Penciling in workout sessions throughout the week/day in your planner can help to remind and motivate you to get enough exercise. It is also helpful to write out your schedule to see where you might have free time or move some things around to make time to fit in a workout. 

Be Goal Minded 

For both your business and in your personal life, if you want to accomplish something, it all starts with a goal. Keep your goal in mind, and remember that successful people do not wait until they are motivated to get started; they just do what they need to do when it needs to get done. Set goals for yourself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, and track your progress towards your goals. 


Try to read as much as you can about health and fitness. This can help keep you motivated and give you the tools that you need to make good decisions about your fitness routine. Working with a physical trainer and other health professionals can be a huge benefit to you because if your busy schedule doesn’t lend time for researching workouts and diets, the experts will be able to recommend approaches that will work for you. 

Build Habits 

Consistency is key to getting the fitness results that you want, whether that is to be more healthy, lose weight, look, or feel better. Try scheduling your workouts for the same time every day or every week so that you get used to the schedule and a healthy habit forms. Rewarding yourself after the workout can also help motivate you to keep up the good work and not lose motivation.

Track Your Results 

Use a fitness app or a planner to track your workouts and your results. It is a good idea to track your heart rate and your sleep habits. Some smart scales can give you a daily reading of your body fat percentage and more. Tracking and interpreting the data about your body can help you tailor a workout routine that works best for you. 

Being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle that can require unusually long work hours, so it is understandable why many small business owners feel like they do not get enough exercise. Having an accountability partner, personal trainer, and using resources such as planners and smartphone applications to track your progress can help entrepreneurs get more active and build healthy habits for long-lasting health and fitness

About Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a certified personal trainer and fitness guru from Buffalo, New York. He uses a multifaceted approach to help his clients achieve and maintain their fitness goals. Mr. Lee’s areas of expertise include athletic performance, science-based nutrition, functional training, and weight loss. He has a BS in Exercise Science from The State University of New York.

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