Bringing the Movies to you. How to Create the Perfect Home Theatre set up.

Home entertainment has evolved to an almost unrecognizable level. The advent of film changed the way we are entertained and informed forever. As film became ubiquitous, movie theatres were built to screen newsreels, with people from all over town gathering in the local cinema to watch the latest news from around the world.

Of course, times are very different now. The “latest” news was months old by the time it reached the cinema, and to own a large screen and keep it in your lounge room would have been unbelievable. Now you can buy an enormous, thin and beautiful screen for not much cash, and a world of entertainment can be streamed to your lounge room in an instant.

In 2019 almost every home has some form of large-screen television, and millions of movies and tv shows are just a click away. With all this modern technology packed into our homes, you would think that going to the movies would be a thing of the past right?

Can I take you to the movies?

Interestingly, going to the movies remains a popular pastime for all demographics. A cinema still offers an experience that you can’t get in your loungeroom. Or does it? Whilst most peoples loungerooms are packing a big display, they are lacking some key elements for providing a cinema-like experience. So then, how can you bring the movies into your lounge room? What else do you need other than a big screen TV?

In house movies.

With TV’s being so cheap, it shocks me how many people have no regard for proper screen placement. If you have a 50” 1080p screen, it is recommended you sit at least 100” away. With large screens being so cheap, it is tempting to go as big as you can, but you are really doing your self (and your movies) a disservice. Measure your space and pick a TV that will allow you to view it from the ideal distance.

A good entertainment unit is the unsung hero of the whole setup up. Without a solid entertainment unit, you will struggle to keep your TV and all required accessories out of harm’s way. A good entertainment unit will not only support your chosen TV but should complement your rooms aesthetic. Too many times have I seen the latest and greatest TV on a tired and out of date entertainment unit, and believe me, it really makes your new TV look bad.

I can’t hear you!

Now you have chosen a sensible TV, and a sleek new entertainment unit to put it on, what next? Another sadly neglected aspect to the home cinema is audio. When you go to the movies, the sound is what surrounds you not the image. To fully lose your self in a movie, you want to feel the bass from explosions and never miss delicate whispers of dialogue sometimes lost on tiny TV speakers.

Modern TVs will sometimes have built-in speakers, and almost universally they are garbage. Garbage is perhaps too harsher term but compared to even an entry-level audio system they sound terrible. The speakers are simply too small to reproduce the huge and dynamic soundscapes that Hollywood epics contain.

Soundbars are becoming very popular thanks to their space-efficient designs, but if you want the full blown movie experience, nothing comes close to surround sound. A surround system will have a center speaker, subwoofers for bass and left and right channels for both front and rear. A typical 5.1 surround sound set up will cost the same as a mid-range sound bar and deliver much more convincing results.

When you go see a movie at your local cinema, you are experiencing a perfect combination of screen placement, special audio, and comfortable surrounds. If you are chasing the movie experience in your loungeroom you will want to reproduce these three factors. A large screen is not enough, and as mentioned could be detrimental if you have gone to large. Focus on a clutter-free surface, comfortable viewing position and of course a beefy surround sound system and you will be enjoying the cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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