Beware of Fake Instagram Followers When You Buy Them

You would have come across a lot of service providers pushing you to buy Instagram followers cheaply. It is good for the influencers as they get a lot of followers without having to work for it. But there is a catch here as most of the Instagram followers that are bought are not of that quality that you have earned through the quality of your posts. Buying Instagram followers require the proper implementation of the idea. It is a tedious task and sometimes it can be big trouble.


There are various tools and apps which you can use to validate the accounts when you buy Instagram followers. Most of these apps and tools come free but there is a range of tools which are paid. These can be used to analyze a particular account to check if it is fake or to check a page if it having an excessive number of fake followers.

You can also use a growth service to grow your influence on Instagram – QuantumMarketer has this list of growth services.

The most common app which you could have used was Deep Social but with changing policies of Facebook and Instagram, it has become hard for the third-party apps to access the information. Deep Social is discontinuing its services. But still, this is not the end and there are other tools which are available.

Influence Marketing Hub Instagram Audit Tool

You need not worry about the authenticity of the potential influencer accounts. You can enter the handle of the influencers on the Bot Analytics Tool for free which is an Instagram Audit tool with fake followers and audience credibility checker. It gives excellent results about the genuineness of the account.


There are various areas of consideration like the profile picture, number of followers vs the followings, likes, number of posts, number of likes received vs the number of likes ratio. It finally concludes with the audience quality score of that particular account. A score of 80 or above means the account is genuine.


It has a social engagement check tool which checks the number of fake followers in your account. It collects the history of the audience’s engagement levels. It is not a free tool and you need to buy credits to check any Instagram account.


It is a great tool to check the fake followers as it gives Audience Quality Score to the account which you can keep in mind before proceeding with the influencers. It uses special intelligence technology to spot the fake accounts who will never benefit you. It is also a paid app and you pay in tokens.

Social Audit Pro

It is a paid app and it allows you to check the legitimacy of the account in regard to the followers. Whether the followers are active accounts or not. There is an additional feature to remove the dormant or fake accounts directly from this app.

IG Audit

It is a free tool which can be used to check the authenticity of an account by giving the fake to genuine follower’s ratio. It displays the number of likes and comments on the page along with the average scores.


So, it is really important to keep in mind that when you buy Instagram followers, you do it in a limit maybe just o prove your account and gain a bit of popularity. Fake accounts are the reason for purge and spams.

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