The Best Ways To Improve Patient Experience At Your Healthcare Facility

When you want to improve the patient experience in your medical facility, you can use a few different tips. You want to make the patients feel at home, and you should try to make the rooms feel as welcoming as possible. Your healthcare facility needs to be a safe and sterile environment, but you can add a few amenities that make life better for everyone.



A PDi TV can be mounted to the wall, and the remote control will use a cable. Your patients can change the cable without straining to point the remote at the right angle, and you can reposition the TV so the patient can see. If you use pillow speakers, the patient can hear without turning the volume up too much.


You should open the blinds or even open the windows during the day. Some natural light will make the patients feel better, and the patients might like the smell of fresh air. This is a good way to keep everyone’s spirits up, and you will avoid problems with latent depression in the building. Sunlight does not cure depression, but sunlight can help everyone feel a little more hopeful. Also, you can close the blinds at the end of the day or close the windows so that the patients can get a good night of sleep. If they would prefer to hear the nighttime sounds, you can leave the windows open.

Regular Visits

You should create a visitation schedule for the staff. The staff should go into rooms at least once an hour. Your patients will appreciate the fact that someone has come to see them, and you should extend visitation as much as possible. Your patients will be thankful that they can see people throughout the day, and extended visitation hours make it possible for everyone to visit.

Food Choices

While your facility cannot make gourmet food, you should try to give your patients as many food options as possible. When you expand the menu, your patients will have some choices that make the food feel less repetitive. Plus, you should ask your patients if they would like to eat particular things every day. Some patients will feel much better if they can get their favorite egg salad sandwich every day.


When the patients do not have the TV on, they should be allowed as much quiet as possible. You should use heavy doors to close off every room. You do not want all the noises from the hall to disturb your patients, and you can even use noise machines to help your patients relax. The sound of rain or white noise will help your patients fall asleep during the day.

Inform Your Patients As Much As Possible

You must give your patients all the information they will ever need. These patients should know what their treatment plan is, and they need to know if they can expedite their treatment. If the patients will be in your facility for a long time, you must tell them how long you think they will be there. When you are honest with your patients, they will come to trust you.


You can use all the tips above to make the patient experience in your medical facility better. You will see a difference in the way that you are managing your facility, and your patients will feel better during the day. You can change your visitation schedule, check on patients often, and give them a TV that will keep them entertained. Also, you can use a new morning routine that includes letting natural light into every room.

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