How to Avoid Your Marketing Mails from the Trash


People who talk erroneously about emails are the one who’s business marketing campaigns have utterly failed, or to be honest, who don’t even like to receive mails in the first place. But, for companies who majorly focus on enhancing customer experience and want to keep them informed, email marketing is still a very important tool of their marketing campaign. If not emails, how else are businesses supposed to reach out to their target customers? Emails can be accessed almost everywhere, and in contrast to text messages which cost some minimal amount, emails are free.

In fact, as compared to the marketing costs involved in TV and radio ad campaigns, email costs are almost negligible. And even if they fail, it isn’t going to cost you much, but if successful you may end up with great results, in some cases as much as 4300 percent returns of investment.

After discussing how great email marketing, let us come to the basic fact – if the user does not find your mail interesting, he/she will toss it in the trash bin. So, how do you avoid the trash bin? Here is an article that will help you craft your mails in such a manner that it appears appealing. Read along:

(1) There is one thing everyone has to understand – your customer should be able to recognize your mail in the first instance, otherwise people don’t spend much time figure out the usefulness of these mails.

(2) Don’t send out mails in groups, rather send them out individually. These mass generated emails are immediately tossed away, while the customized, well tailored ones end up producing revenues for the business. This is because, you can’t simply write one mail, and expect everyone to respond to it. It is important to give importance to your audience, individually, and more importantly directly.

(3) Once your personalized emails have received the necessary attention, you’ve got to grab their attention towards your content. Now, your communication needs to be fresh and useful, so that your customers are engaged.

(4) Instead of sending out mere ads, you could also ask your customer to sign up for weekly or monthly newsletters or a mailing list that offers discounts on certain premium products. About 95 percent of the people who sign up for such things actually enjoy these newsletters and discount mails.

(5) You have make sure you keep the conversation going, and even when you are not sending out newsletters, you are sending out mails offering them special benefits and informing them about the latest products.

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