Time for a Career Change? Three Affirmations for Your Inner Entrepreneur

Just about anyone can come up with at least one killer business idea, but the majority of people lack the know-how, ambition or ability to bring their dream to life. There’s no shortage of people wanting to buy something, and there is never going to be a time when business isn’t needed. The current uncertainty surrounding the U.S. economy may have you wondering whether any business venture is truly a good idea, but there has always been and always will be some level of risk in entrepreneurship. If you’re tired of the daily grid and want to be your own boss, here is some motivational advice and tips to help you get started.

You Are Already an Expert

You’ve been buying products and services for as long as you’ve had income. You’re already a pro at marketing, you just need to flip your perspective and learn to break down the consumer process from a business standpoint. What do you look for when you want to buy something? How would you, as a consumer, respond to your business model? By relying on your own knowledge in the early stages of development, you can create a more intuitive, relatable experience that reels consumers in and feels authentic.

Big Things Come in Small Packages

You don’t have to found the next Apple or Google to become successful. In fact, think of all the small businesses that have been open for decades and haven’t made it big by the internet’s standards. Not everyone will make it into Forbes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t establish a profitable business that brings you both financial security and personal fulfillment. Think about scaling down your business model into something smaller if your current idea is overwhelming.

Subscription boxes, for example, are a small-scale business that can tie your interests with business. Consider the Daily High Club’s or Nugg’s Club boxes, which offer premium marijuana products and cannabis smoking accessories delivered straight to their customers’ doorsteps each month. The monthly turnaround of products, and review of Daily High Club keeps clients engaged and satisfied while providing your business with a steady income through recurrent subscription fees.

Each Failure Puts You Closer to Success

See setbacks and failures as lessons, not proof of your ability. Everyone has to struggle before they can find their place in business, especially in today’s highly visible and competitive marketplace. You may feel heartbroken when an idea you invested hours upon hours of time and energy into flops, but you also built greater endurance and undoubtedly learned more about yourself and how business works through the process.

Remember that even if something doesn’t work out initially, it also doesn’t mean it’s destined to fail. Patience and persistence will get you through anything in life; starting your own company and breaking free from your nine-to-five will take serious commitment, working off-hours for no pay and most likely losing money before you earn it. Just remember that this is the path you chose for a reason, so there’s no reason to quit just because you fail a few times.