How to Introduce Flexibility in Your Typical 9-to-5

Many people who do not want to do a job because of having to follow a fixed schedule, often drive toward business. It is easy to peg people, who do not want to work set hours, as lazy, but that is often not the case.  A lot of people don’t shy from working for long […]

A Leader’s Communication Skills: It’s Not What You Say – It’s How You Say It

Communication skills are one of the essential qualities needed to be successful. Not being able to communicate well will often lead to your ideas being ignored, and your input not being taken seriously. When you can communicate well, you become a better team player. It is easier to bring your vision to life and also […]

Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Taking Expert Opinions

I have always focused a lot on having good mentors. When you are starting out, it is important to connect with people who know more about the trade than you because experiences can teach you things that no theory in the world can. Many people understand the need of having a mentor and learning from […]

3 Small Business Marketing Strategies for Long Term Success

Knowing where to put your efforts in is really important for the success of your business. Especially when funds are low, which is the case with small businesses, you can’t afford to spend a ton on marketing. You have to find out what works and how you can do it at a scale that makes […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Gets Easier Eventually

Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the scariest things that you have to do, but it is also one of the most crucial things that help you advance in your life and career. Everyone is afraid of leaving their comfort zone because the big bad world out there is scary and the […]