Augmenting Your Earnings with Affiliate Programs Involving Gold and Other Precious Metals

Affiliate Marketing

You may have already heard about different kinds of affiliate marketing programs but the idea of gold affiliate programs may sound new or unusual to you. Information about gold being publicly traded through the Internet has been in the news recently but it’s been because of a number of investment scams. Still, these negative reports should not discourage you to explore the idea of making money through gold affiliate programs.

Samples of Affiliate Programs

bit gold

Not to be mistaken for or associated with Bitcoin, Bitgold is a Canadian company that allows individuals and businesses to buy gold and undertake financial transactions using the value of the gold acquired. The company facilitates the sending, receipt, and redemption of gold bullion. To promote its services, BitGold runs an affiliate program that grants commissions for those who can bring in new customers to BitGold. Commissions range from $25 to $35. On May 2015, BitGold acquired GoldMoney Network Limited. As such, the GoldMoney referral program another precious metals affiliate program, now operates as part of BitGold. These are arguably two of the most attractive options for those who are looking to make extra earnings from gold affiliate marketing online.

Basically, they bank on the attractiveness of precious metals as safe investment options or at least as safe ways to store pecuniary value. They just vary in their ways of sharing their earnings for the transactions they get from an affiliate. One is intended for small time or “retail” buyers while the other is meant for those who buy, trade, or invest in gold in large quantities.

How It Works

Most of the time, you need to have a blog, website, or some other form of online presence to be able to participate in an affiliate program. If you already have your online store, you’re all set. You just need to insert some codes to put up the banners or links for your affiliate marketing. However, it is not really necessary to have a website or blog to make money from gold affiliate marketing. You can do the referrals or promote the services of the companies that run the affiliate programs through social media, networking, chats, and forums. The key is to have an online presence so you can share the links through which your affiliate credits or earnings can be counted.

Improving Your Conversions


To improve your success in precious metals affiliate marketing, there are things you need to bear in mind. Avoid becoming a failure affiliate or one of those who complain about not getting anything from the endeavor for not properly understanding the whole idea of precious metals affiliate marketing.

  • The focus should be on quality, not quantity. It’s important to carefully target your prospects instead of dispersing your links and banners randomly and just waiting for whatever sticks.
  • Avoid banners. Instead, stick with images (with the appropriate links of course). Banners have already gained notoriety for not offering anything useful to Internet users. Most Internet users immediately ignore them or even employ ad blockers just to get rid of them.
  • If you rely on links, make sure that you have an excellent keyword strategy. Target keywords with which you can realistically compete with. Also, choose keyword phrases that have higher potentials for conversion. Don’t stick to generic keywords like “gold” or “gold prices.” Go for something more specific like “how to make money from gold online.”
  • Use calls to action and create a sense of urgency. The texts you use should always be engaging and in a way trying to converse with your target viewers. Use sentences like “click here to start earning $$$ now” and “avail of our limited % doubled commission offer.”


It’s very important to remember, though, that not every gold or precious metal affiliate marketing program can really lead to earnings. In fact, most of what can be found on the Internet are fraudulent, or at the very least are simply trying to bait clueless Internet users to visit some other site. Aside from scammers, there are also many sites that may only introduce malware to your servers so you really have to be extra careful.

Study your options carefully and don’t think that becoming an affiliate for the different gold buying and selling service providers online is something you have to hastily pursue. Ascertain that you will become an affiliate only to legitimate companies. Yes, there’s money in affiliate marketing but you have to be prudent with your decisions so you should carefully scrutinize the terms and inquire if there are real benefits you can get.

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