McDonald’s Vs. Burger King: Which One Is Better?


The fast-food industry is consistently head-to-head, fighting for the number one brand spot. There have been ongoing clashes for decades, and McDonald’s and Burger King are often in the spotlight.

Both fast-food joints started in the 1990s and have been around for a few decades. While some prefer McDonald’s due to its affordability, some prefer Burger King because of its variety of items.

But the question of the hour is, “Which of the two is a better item?” There’s no denying that the classic cheeseburger is a staple for millions of Americans, but you can’t just brush Burger King to the side. We will compare them and compare them to see which is better.

Quick Differences: McDonald’s is renowned for consistency and family-friendly options like the Big Mac, emphasizing speed and uniformity, while Burger King stands out with flame-grilled burgers, offering customization and a diverse menu, including the famous Whopper, catering to those seeking unique flavors and variety.

McDonald’s: Overview


When talking about the fast-food giant and the brand that brought the concept of food on the go, it has to be McDonald’s. This particular factor translates into the kind of sales they acquire yearly, which is a lot.

According to market reports, McDonald’s has a market capitalization of around $165 million yearly, which is crazy. The fast-food giant has over 36,000 franchises spread across 120+ countries worldwide.

What’s even more astonishing about McDonald’s is that it generates over 1.9 million jobs and serves over 70 million meals daily. So, when the numbers speak, it is pretty hard to think how Burger King would beat the OG, right?

Burger King: Overview

Burger King

Coming to the next competitor on the scene is Burger King. This one has been around for quite a few decades as well. Burger King’s marketing ideology was to reinvent the burgers and packaging and offer a unique eating experience to the consumers.

To an extent, they have managed to do it all. Burger King struggled to stay afloat during the 21st century, getting dragged down by other fast-food giants like Wendy’s, Subway, Starbucks, etc.

However, its revival occurred when 3G Capital purchased the fast-food company for a whopping $4 billion in 2010. By the time 2017 hit, Burger King outperformed Wendy’s and McDonald’s.

The majority of the income that Burger King generates is from their franchises. As weird as it sounds, that’s where the money is. Burger King has been timing things and playing the market. For example, they launched their “Big King Sandwich,” a pretty close dupe to the popular Big Mac that everyone loves from McDonald’s.

Similarly, when McDonald’s brought back their famous McRib sandwich, Burger King introduced their BBQ Rib, just for a dollar, competing hard against McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Vs. Burger King: Factors To Compare

With the basic information out of the way, the next thing is to compare and analyze these two fast-food giants based on specific criteria. There are quite a few different ones worth exploring.

So, let’s get this comparison sorted and out of the way, shall we?

1. Menu

Macdonald Menu
Burger king menu

When putting two fast-food giants against each other, it goes without saying that comparing the menu is the first thing to prioritize.

McDonald’s offers a diverse menu and is known for some of the staple items in the fast-food game, including the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McNuggets, and so on. What’s great about McDonald’s is that the menu offers something for everyone, making it much more accessible. They also offer a range of breakfast options, salads, and desserts. They also come out with limited-time items, which isn’t something you frequently get with Burger King.

Regarding the competitor, Burger King doesn’t shy away from the menu either. Their flame-grilled burgers are a hit, namely the Whopper. Besides burgers, their menu contains chicken sandwiches, fries, vegetarian options, etc. One unique thing about Burger King’s menu is the “Have it your way,” where the customer gets to customize their burgers and sandwiches.

We’d say they both stand out with their menu. Which one is a better choice being technically a subjective preference? While some like McDonald’s, some gravitate towards Burger King.

2. Pricing

Regarding pricing, McDonald’s tends to position itself as more affordable and budget-friendly. Besides their classic items, McDonald’s has a value menu where the items are a lot cheaper, so anyone can access them. McDonald’s also offers combo meals and promotions that provide additional value for customers.

Burger King, on the other hand, is a slightly more expensive alternative. This is in comparison to McDonald’s. However, the brand emphasizes that the difference in price point also reflects on the quality and the flavor of the food, most of which are flame grilled. You can avail of combo meals at Burger King, which are slightly more affordable.

Considering the prospect of pricing and meal quality, we’d say McDonald’s wins this round.

3. Nutrition

If you are stepping into a fast-food joint expecting to get a highly nutritious meal, you are already setting yourself up for disappointment. McDonald’s and Burger King have worked to develop more nutritious items throughout the years.

McDonald’s offers salads, grilled chicken options, and non-fat milk in their desserts and soft serve. They are also working towards reducing the amount of sodium and sugar in the individual menu items, which is pretty impressive.

Burger King offers many healthier items like grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers, salads, etc. They are also working on eliminating preservatives from their meals, a benefit the customers will reap.

When compared, Burger King has a slight upper hand when offering more nutrition-packed items on its menu.

4. Branding And Marketing

McDonald’s is a global powerhouse in the fast-food industry with a recognizable brand and the iconic golden arches. Their name has become so mainstream in the food market that they don’t require further marketing tricks. One of their most popular marketing campaigns, “I’m Lovin’ It,” managed to reel in the consumers’ attention. McDonald’s prioritizes three things with their marketing: consistency, convenience, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

On the other hand, Burger King is an edgy fast-food brand that’s going out of its way to challenge the fast-food giants. Their successful marketing campaigns include “Have It Your Way” and “The Whopper Detour,” both of which highlight the importance of customization when it comes to food. Since they have unique tastes and bold flavors, it isn’t surprising that this fast-food brand often targets the younger demographics.

With the established name and repertoire that McDonald’s has created for itself, it is safe to say they won this round.

5. Restaurant Experience

McDonald’s and Burger King offer restaurant settings where you can sit and enjoy your meal, not just drive-through, and pick-up.

If you are on the go and want a fast-food item that lives up to its name, McDonald’s is it. The fast service, streamlined operations, and standardized procedure across all locations keep the line going so no one waits for hours.

Conversely, Burger King has a more chill and laid-back vibe. Since many of their items are flame-grilled, that’s a dominating scent that encompasses the entire restaurant. What’s excellent about Burger King is that their dining experience is much more casual and comfortable.

McDonald’s has a more prominent global presence, which means its restaurants are more widely accessible in many regions.

6. Franchises

McDonald’s primarily operates through their franchise model, so it isn’t surprising that they have a diverse global footprint. Also, the reason their franchisees are so successful is because of the ongoing support they provide. From training to updated menus and recipes, you get access to it all.

Even Burger King offers a franchise model, which makes it operational across different countries and cities. Is it at a similar scale to McDonald’s? The answer is no. But the franchises are functional and worth exploring.

While both McDonald’s and Burger King have successful franchise models, McDonald’s has a more significant number of franchises and a more extensive global presence.

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7. Market Capitalization

The last point of comparison is probably what sets apart McDonald’s and Burger King from each other. Available data suggest that McDonald’s has a higher market capitalization than Burger King, and understandably so.

Given that McDonald’s has a more diverse operation with more franchises, it is safe to say that they have a better revenue dominance in the fast-food market. However, we must understand that market capitalization fluctuates and depends on market conditions.

So, Which One Is better, Burger King Or McDonald’s?

Now, the question of the hour is, “Which of the two is a better option?”

If you are looking for accessibility, affordability, and staple menu items, McDonald’s is the winner. However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to try out a somewhat different fast-food burger experience, Burger King takes the crown.

The whole comparison is pretty subjective. Some people enjoy the simplicity of McDonald’s, while others like the extensive variety at Burger King.


Pitting McDonald’s against Burger King might seem out of the blue, but these two fast-food giants have been going head-to-head for decades. Which one is a better choice is typically something that depends on an individual’s personal preference. Some people like the familiarity of McDonald’s, especially with the cheeseburger. However, if we had to compare the two, McDonald’s beat Burger King in several aspects.