Arshad Madhani (Atlanta, GA Digital Marketing Consultant) Shares: 6 Tips To Increase Productivity In 2019

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Arshad Madhani is a digital marketing expert based in Atlanta, GA, who specializes in helping clients make the right marketing strategies so they can reach their business goals. With over 10 years in the industry and success as CEO of a leading digital marketing company, he is no stranger to the challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to making the most out of any work day. Here he shares tips on how entrepreneurs can increase their productivity.

6 Tips to Increase Productivity

1. Reduce “Screen Time”

Mindless scrolling through apps and playing games can eat up your time and you wouldn’t even notice it. It has now become such as a huge problem that phone companies like Apple have developed apps that allows users to monitor and limit their screen time. Features on the iPhone like “Screen Time” helps users limit the time spent on their phones so they can avoid mindless and worthless scrolling. The app helps by showing individuals just how much time they waste in any given day and week on their phones. This feature is bound to be helpful for any busy entrepreneur who tends to be distracted when he or she should be concentrating on a task. 

2. Invest in Project Management Tools

It’s surprising how we have all these productivity tools at our fingertips and yet many of us still get so little done. Take advantage of tried and tested productivity and project management tools that streamline your workflows and push you to work when you need to so you can create an effective work-life balance. Project management is not limited to getting a one thing done. It also helps us finish tasks within a timeframe so we can find time for other important things. I use productivity apps all the time because aside from work, I also want to set aside ample time for family and “me” time.

3. Say “No” More Often

Most of us believe that being busy is a virtue. This is the reason why we tend to take on more tasks than we can handle. Saying “No” is a skill anyone can learn and benefit from because not all tasks are created equal. Some are just going to draw your focus away from more productive, meaningful things. It is important to know which activities matter to you so you can say no to tasks that will not benefit you or your projects in the long run. 

4. Consider Working from Home

I have always advocated working from home just because there are so many benefits for both management and the employee. Working from home eliminates the time needed to prepare and commute and reduces commuting costs. Studies have also shown that depending on the office environment you have, working from home may even help boost your productivity. More and more employers are now willingly giving employees the opportunity to ask for remote work a couple of times within a month, which is a very good thing. 

5. Consider Alternatives to In-Person Meetings

Meetings hog employee resources like no other activity in the workplace. Most meetings waste time, block momentum, and cost money. If you can, opt for other means to communicate with a large group, like an online group chat, group email, or video calling. All these can produce the same results that we used to get from face to face meetings without sacrificing the same amount of time or resources.

6. Take Advantage of Grocery Delivery and Meal Prep Services

In the past, having to stop what I was doing to go out and grab a bite to eat really cut into my momentum. There were so many instances when it felt so hard to get back into that zone of concentration after lunch. This is the reason why I really appreciate grocery delivery and meal prep services because they allow me to focus on important tasks at work without letting my health and diet go. Meal prep services fill in that need by providing healthy tasty and fresh meals when I need them, without cutting into my productivity. 

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