Are Crew Necks Flattering?

Crew Neck tshirt

When you go shopping for tops nowadays, there’s a high chance that you’ll consider getting a crew neck. Since these are some of the most popular necklines available, a huge chunk of the tops available right now supports a crew neck.

These rounded necklines have been around for ages and are seen as one of the most versatile and stylish necklines available. That said, you may be wondering if crew necks, like the ones you can find if you click here, are actually flattering to the body.

After all, there are many popular designs and clothing styles that only look good on specific body types. And if you’re unlucky enough to not have these specific body types, these clothes won’t look good on you.

How to know if it’s the right shirt for you? And how to wear one properly?

Let’s find out everything there is to know about crew necks.

What Is a Crew Neck?

A crew neck top is a top with a rounded neckline. However, these necklines differ from typical rounded necklines because they are a bit tighter than other options. This means that the neckline is much closer to your actual neck.

These shirts were originally made for crew members on ships, hence the name. This is why crew neck tops tend to offer a lot of mobility and feel very comfortable.

That said, the shirts have since outgrown their origins. Since crew necks are great at framing your head and shoulders, they are some of the most popular necklines for designers and brands. This is why there’s a high chance you’ll encounter a crew neck whenever you go to a clothing store.

Are Crew Necks Flattering?

So, are crew necks flattering? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself before buying one of these tops for yourself. And like most other clothing items, crew necks are flattering for certain body types and not flattering for others.

We highly recommend crew necks for skinny and average builds. This is because crew necks are a bit tighter than regular round necklines. This means that you will appear a bit larger and more built when wearing these shirts if you’re a man. And if you’re a woman, these shirts are also great for enhancing your bust and other parts of your body.

But while these tops are very flattering for skinny to average body types, the story is different for larger and bulkier people. This is because larger people may feel a bit more constricted in these tops. And since they are tighter than usual, they may highlight parts of the body you may not want to be highlighted.

On top of that, those with round or large faces will find these features further emphasized when they wear a crew neck. Because of this, you may want to avoid crew necks if you have a larger or bulkier build.

How to Wear a Crew Neck

If you decide to wear a crew neck, the first thing you need to determine is the size. It’s very important that you wear shirts that are the right size for you, especially with crew necks. So, before anything else, try to get an accurate estimate of your size or even try the shirts on before buying.

And once you have the right size, the possibilities are endless. From there, you can dress the crew necks up or down depending on the occasion. You can wear crew neck pullovers with business casual outfits, wear crew neck shirts with casual outfits, or even lounge around at home with your favorite crew neck shirt!

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