How to be an Appreciative of People in Your Professional and Personal Life

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How many times have we wanted our bosses or clients to appreciate our efforts? But all we get is a fake, manipulated string of words that are said not out of real gratitude but mere obligation.

So, as a leader, it is necessary for you not make any of your employee feel this way. Lack of real appreciation can make them feel insecure about their jobs. Your employees will like their jobs only when they are being given enough credit for their work. Let us help you out, with the whole appreciation spree:

  • Before you move to your employees and coworkers, you need to take a moment to appreciate people in your personal life. Your parents who have constantly supported your ambitions, your education. Your maid who keeps your house clean and cooks great food when you reach back home tired. Your partner for their continuous push and encouragement.
  • Take a moment to appreciate all those friends and colleagues at work who make your office days enjoyable. These people make office life less stressful, and support your professionally, mostly because they are probably going through the same thing. Make an effort to make them feel special or simply thank them for their help and assistance.
  • Sometimes to let a person know how much their presence means to you, you may have to do a little more than merely thanking them with words. Get them a tangible present – gift coupons, a plant, and movie tickets, anything that has visible benefits. Some people need to hear it, while some people need to see it.
  • There are some people in the office that help you out with certain specific tasks that you may not be able to do on your own, well you’ve got to make them realize they add meaningful input to your efforts. Make it clear to them that you are genuinely appreciative of their efforts.

A moment of gratitude can bring a great difference in your attitude. You can’t survive in this world alone, and there are people who constantly help you move forward. It is therefore important to acknowledge their presence and importance in your life. Surrounding yourself with people who constantly push you forward just adds onto your productivity. Sometimes you may to do more than just a ‘hey thanks’. You do better, when you are aware of all the people who help you through your day. Don’t take anyone for granted and learn to appreciate efforts.

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  1. Mohit, what a great reminder! No journey is ever walked alone, and sometimes we forget to be grateful for the people that walk with us. I think I have some people to go thank!

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