AirGMS Vacation Rental Software Review

When you are busy building a short-term rental business, the different daily tasks that shout for your attention all at once can become overwhelming. To help with the daily management of your short-term rentals, vacation rental software has proven to be quite handy for many hosts. One such software solution is AirGMS.


What is AirGMS?

AirGMS is a comprehensive cloud-based vacation rental software solution that enables hosts with several listing (as a matter of fact they can actually use it free of charge for up to 4 listings) as well as large businesses with multiple listings to automate routine tasks. It is ideal for hosts who get the majority of their bookings via Airbnb as it boasts native integration with Airbnb and integrates with your Airbnb account to extend the standard operations. This way you can run your Airbnb business much more efficiently.

It has three different pricing plans: Free, Pro and Business. The more listings you have, the lower the price will be.

AirGMS in use

AirGMS is straightforward to set up and easy to master thanks to the user-friendly interface and navigation. It boasts several fantastic features that Airbnb hosts with multiple listings in particular will find very helpful. Some of its core features are: message templates, multi-platform synchronization,multi-calendar dashboard, single inbox, Airbnb reviews automation and team management.

The message templates are particularly useful. You can use it to create instructions for check-in and checkout by using the responses that you have used the most and then simply convert them into a template that you can then forward to various guests effortlessly. What is more, you can also create automated “trigger” messages. These messages can then be programmed to be forwarded to your guests at a specific date and time.

Another feature that is worth highlighting is the team management feature. What makes it so great is that it enables you to assign different access levels to your cleaning staff. Whenever you need to clean your place, you simply create a work order and assign it to a cleaner. Once the tasks have been completed, a task completion confirmation can be send.

Hosts often fear getting a double-booking. The multi-platform synchronization feature is reason enough to get AirGMS. It lets you sync all your reservations and other calendar data from various third-party short-term rental booking websites like TripAdvisor and VRBO via iCal.

Wrap up

With the help of AirGMS, Airbnb hosts will be able to solve most of the common Airbnb problems quickly. Its solid tools will equip you to complete the most important tasks easily and stay up to speed with your day-to-day tasks. Also, its pricing model means that different needs can be accommodated.

In short, hosts who are searching for ways to automate their daily tasks will find that AirGMS will be able to save them loads of time. As you will be better equipped to reply to guest messages, you will be able to build a great reputation and, more importantly, keep it.

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