Managing Vacation Rentals Remotely

Managing Vacation Rentals Remotely

Being in the middle of the global pandemic, we are currently in unprecedented times. A lot in the world has changed, we have had to revaluate our processes and one of the affected processes has been working conditions. As companies all over the world shift to different work-from-home plans, with some even switching their entire workforce to completely working remotely. The vacation rental industry is not left out in this rapidly growing trend. Many rental owners have now devised an effective way to rent out their properties remotely, with this process eliminating management fee costs, thus making it arguably even better than the previous practice.

So, how exactly is a vacation rental effectively managed remotely? In this article, we will discuss some tips to help in managing a rental without having to be present at the facility.

Consider using a short term rental software 

With constant technological advancements in our world today, innovative ways to manage vacation rentals completely online are now available to rental owners. These software packages can allow property managers to handle their reservations among many other operations with the click of a button. Some of these software systems also allow for a vacation rental channel manager, which is a useful tool in helping to synchronize the rental software with all other listings providers such as Airbnb,, etc. This automates the process, making it much easier and convenient for all parties involved. There are more benefits from these software programs, such as profit calculation. You can easily check out the best Airbnb profit calculator, so you can know what to expect.

Have your check-in and checkout process automated

A convenient check-in and checkout process is a crucial aspect of rental management, and hospitality software can help you streamline this process. It is essential to provide your guests with an easy and hassle-free check-in and out process, as this can significantly impact their satisfaction with your rental. Thankfully, technology saves the day again with different methods that can be managed remotely, allowing guests to self-check-in. Some examples of hospitality software that facilitate this include smart locks and Airbnb lockboxes.

Have a cleaning service and contractors on retainer

It goes without saying that having your rental clean, spotless, and functional at all times is a necessity to great rental service, especially when it comes to guest reviews. Hence, hiring a reliable contractor and cleaning service to cater to these needs for the long term goes a long way in ensuring that the host does not have to worry about keeping things tidy at the vacation rental.

Have a sound security system installed

Another way in which technology has provided ground-breaking breakthroughs is in security systems. Now, you can watch everything going on in your rental through live footage. Some security systems also offer alarm systems and other features depending on preference. This ensures your rental is not just secure but now you can also monitor things directly on your phone from any location in the world.

Have your vacation rental listed online

What is a successful vacation rental without adequate marketing? Your customers need to be able to easily find you and the services you offer that set you apart from the competition. Luckily, there are numerous listing websites to choose from. For this, you really do not have to be present at the rental. Ensure you take eye-catching photos of your rental which will be uploaded for your guests’ viewing pleasure. Also, include in the description other details about your facilities that will attract your potential guests.

And just like that, you have your remote vacation rental up and running!

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