Advice for Designing a Stylish and Functional Home Office


Whether you’re working from home, or you need a place where you can comfortably work if needed, you’ll want the best environment for doing so. This is where the design and layout of your home office space is very important, as a dull, dreary and disorganised area can be quite detrimental to your productivity. So, to find out how you can create your own stylish and functional home office that helps you to get your work done, read our useful advice:

The Best Room

Starting with the basics, you need to choose the right room in your home and make sure it’s nice and clean. The temptation might be to go for the smallest room, as it’s out of the way. However, this can make you feel boxed in and become quite cramped over time. Instead why not choose a larger room, or choose a section of a bigger area like your living room?

The Right Decoration

Wherever you choose, before you start filling it with your gear, paint the walls in a bright and vibrant colour. Something that can be visually stimulating, rather than plain and boring. A little plant life can also add a refreshing, natural feel to your home office.

Making Space

If you don’t have the freedom to use a larger room, how you use your chosen smaller area is hugely important. Simple touches like having taller and thinner storage units are a smart move, equally little things like sliding doors on entrances, cupboards and wardrobes can really help maximise space. Another tip is to buy a corner desk that pushes up against the wall.

Comfy Seating

If you’ve ever worked in an office where your chair has been of poor quality, you’ll know how much this can affect your work rate. Spend a little extra and buy yourself a decent computer chair that supports you fully; the added benefits on top of comfort are that you’re less likely to damage your back.

Decent Technology

In a similar vein to the above, without good quality tech, your home office will be far from functional. Tired and old computers, servers and other devices can become a source of frustration when you’re waiting on them to perform simple functions for you. You don’t necessarily need to throw them out, as you can purchase more affordable upgrades for your tech, but these investments will go a long way for your productivity.

So, be sure to take on board this straightforward advice and soon you could be working in your home office more efficiently and effectively than ever.

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