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While spending a typical day at your job, does everything seem safe? For everyone’s sake let’s assume so, but if you think about how it could better, you’ll likely come up with some ideas. In many positions where hard manual labor is used, it could be assisted by automation processes. In the right areas, automation will prove to be beneficial not only for businesses but the employees as well.

How Can it Help

One of the top causes of injuries on the job lies within the repeated lifting activities which could easily be done by a machine. With the added help, it takes the strain off of valued employees. It can lead to a safer environment, which means fewer injuries and missed man hours. With the right protection software in place, the machines stop in their tracks if something or someone crosses their line of sight. Fewer accidents equal happy workers and happy business owners.

Improve Morale

The traditional water cooler, a congregation place for employees to catch up on the office gossip may be dated. Times have changed and staff will appreciate the availability of fresh filtered water. If you want to spruce up your work area, add a plant as it helps improve indoor air quality and they’re simply beautiful. Another way to keep employees happy and around is to allow remote working through telecommunication. Being able to work from home a day or two each week or even a month, is an added perk.

Give them company phones or devices to work on, when they’re out of the office. Add protection to your devices to save money, such as Samsung Galaxy cases to safeguard against accidental falls.  It also benefits businesses as it reduces energy uses and commuter traffic, which is a win for everyone, including those on the road.

Up that Productivity

First and foremost, meetings can be beneficial but far too often they’re overscheduled. They tend to become time wasted sitting down talking and not working. Instead, make it simple and drop an email highlighting the important topics that would have been covered in a series of meetings. Next step, look at your multitasking activity. Realistically, multitasking can hold you back as focusing on a single task, completing it and then moving onto the next is often more productive. Lastly set up a schedule. Set times for responding to emails in the morning, talking on the phone, finishing jobs throughout the day and minimize interruptions. With these methods in place, you can become a working wizard, and your productivity levels will soar.

Take a Break

Breaks throughout your workday help you stay motivated. Studies show that if you set up small work breaks every hour and a half, you are more likely to maintain a higher level of focus when working on projects. It’s easy to do as well. Simply set a reminder on your smartphone. With reminders in place, you won’t miss any of those mentally stimulating breaks for a healthier and more productive workplace.

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