What is it Like to Study Online with Shaw Academy?

Shaw Academy answers the most frequently asked questions about online learning, the courses on offer and how it all works

Accessible, affordable and high-quality online learning form the core of Shaw Academy’s offering. 

Virtual learning has become more and more popular, particularly since the pandemic hit in March 2020. With so many people now shifting online, it makes sense to include online learning. Here’s everything you need to know about Shaw Academy and how it works. 

Why Shaw Academy online learning is going from strength to strength

Since they began in 2012, they’ve welcomed millions of students from all around the world. The Shaw Academy vision has always been to offer education without limitations. Their courses are popular with all kinds of students, from those in full-time jobs to part-time workers, people looking to boost their CV, those that want to change careers, new business owners and entrepreneurs.

Whatever your experience in work and education, it is never too late to learn something new. Shaw Academy makes it simple to study online and work towards real-life, accredited qualifications. 

So far, Shaw Academy has: 

  • Taught 12 million students since 2012. 
  • Provided 3,000 hours of teaching content. 
  • Provided eight years of high-level education. 
  • Added more than 100 courses to its catalogue. 

Shaw Academy offers various courses across the following subject areas: 

  • Photography. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Design. 
  • Business & Analytics. 
  • Finance.
  • Health & Wellness.
  • Technology. 
  • Arts & Hobbies. 
  • Beauty. 
  • Music. 
  • Language. 

How do Shaw Academy online courses work? 

Every Shaw Academy Professional Diploma course consists of four modules. Each module consists of eight classes spread across around four weeks. The lessons are presented live twice a week online. The idea is that there is a course structure set out in a similar way to in-person learning. 

Students ideally attend each live webinar along the way. However, the courses are completely flexible and the lessons are available online 24 hours after they go live. This enables students to fit their studies in with other responsibilities. 

How do students join Shaw Academy? 

Head to Shaw Academy and select a course from the director. Everyone automatically gets the first four weeks online studying free of charge. Attend two interactive classes online per week and complete the weekly assignments and quizzes. When you successfully finish the course module, you’re presented with an online certificate (you can also ask for a hard copy). 

Are Shaw Academy online courses flexible? 

Every student can choose when to attend live classes and rearrange them if necessary. If responsibilities change then students have the option to change all of their future classes. The system is set up to be fully flexible and fit into online students’ lives. Students can attend online classes using any device, from smartphones to laptops. 

How is progress tested by educators? 

Each module presents weekly assessments for students to complete after attending two classes. There is also an exam at the end of each module. The weekly test consist of 20 questions and the final assignment includes 50 questions. The Shaw Academy educator grades the assessments instantly and students that achieve more than 50% officially pass the course. 

How much are the courses at Shaw Academy? 

Everyone can start learning with Shaw Academy for free. The first four weeks of any course are free of charge. If students then decide to go further and take the next modules, they sign up for £49.99 per month. Shaw Academy’s subscription model doesn’t just give access to one course, however. All subscribers receive instant access to all 100+ courses at Shaw Academy. 

  • How does the free trial work? 

Shaw Academy offers 28 days (four weeks) as a free trial. The trial begins on the day of registration and offers access to the first module of any Shaw Academy course. After 28 days, the subscription is charged automatically. Therefore, any students that don’t want to continue with the subscription should opt-out before the trial ends.

Are there any extra materials needed? 

When students sign up to the free trial, they also receive a free starter pack from Shaw Academy. E-certificates and additional course toolkits are chargeable and can be bought from the resources section of the online course. 

What are the most popular Shaw Academy courses? 

Many of our courses routinely welcome thousands of students every month. And one of the most popular Shaw Academy courses is Photography. So far, more than 1.5 million students have graduated from our online photography modules. Offering a globally recognised certification, the photography course is spread over 16 weeks, 32 lessons and four online modules. 

Are there any Shaw Academy reviews of courses? 

Shaw Academy reviews can explain why the photography course is popular better than we can! You can find reviews on the website here. In the meantime, here are a couple of examples: 

“I’m learning so much in the photography course! The lessons are interesting and fun.” – 4.5/5

“I am LOVING this Foundation in Photography course! I have a fancy camera and not much of an idea how to use it to take amazing photographs.” 4.4/5

“I have registered on the Photography course and have been nothing but pleased. The information is stunningly laid out and the instructors are clear and very interactive.” 4.8/5

What are the major benefits of studying online with Shaw Academy? 

The whole premise behind Shaw Academy is that courses are accessible to everyone, affordable and flexible. Here are the main benefits of studying online with Shaw Academy: 

  • More than 100 flexible online classes to choose from. 
  • Students can pick their own study schedule. 
  • It’s possible to take a break from studying at any time. 
  • Loads of support from course educators. 
  • Globally recognised courses. 
  • Access to downloadable recordings of the live classes. 
  • Exams and continuous assessments. 
  • At least 20 hours teaching for each course. 
  • Four-week free trial. 

For more about signing up to Shaw Academy, check out the website here. 

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