6 Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography Skills

Travel photography

If there is one thing that could help you further enjoy traveling, that is to make sure you have a tangible memory to keep for years. Fortunately, photographs are designed for that purpose.

Isn’t it amazing how a single photo can bring back loads of memories?

However, having a proper photography skill is not innate in most people. Surely, you’d want to look at good photos as you relive each moment of travel adventures you did before. But a photography skill is not only what’s needed. You also have to consider having the right equipment and techniques before you can ace that quality nature shot.

If your interest is with travel and photography, then read on to know 6 ways to improve your travel photography skill.

Put that tripod to use

Don’t feel discouraged by the fact that you have an additional item to carry whenever you travel. Because a little effort could go a long way.

A landscape shot taken with the help of a tripod ensures stability. You don’t have to hold the camera the whole time as you wait for that perfect sunrise, or sunset. You also get to refrain from getting those overly zoomed selfie shots. Instead, you could easily set the timer from your camera as you easily pose in front of it and getting a proper backdrop.

Smaller and light-weighted tripods can be used as an option if you don’t prefer setting up a bulky one from time to time.

Don’t be afraid to ask a stranger take your photo

Desperate times call for desperate measures, sometimes. If you are quite adamant about bringing in a tripod, another tip is to use a human tripod. No pun intended.

Asking a stranger to take your photo is another tip to be considered. Try to look for someone who carries a camera too. Chances are, these people know a bit of photography skill and angling already. If they are traveling with a company, be sure to return the favor and ask if you can take their photo as well. Stay away from those who look busy and serious. These people might not really appreciate the gesture, although might not say it out loud.

As an additional pro tip, make sure that you set your camera on auto mode to save the other person from doing any unnecessary focusing. Bear in mind that they are tourists as well, so be respectful of their time.

Let your drone get loose

Using a drone is another photography technique that looks like will stay for a longer period of time. It is the best way to get that perfect beach scenery shot. Or for making those high landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the BurjKhalifa as backdrops.

The ability of drones to soar higher to the sky gives a better perspective in taking aerial shots. At the same time, shots taken with drones require fewer edits. The long distance view allows the viewer to see the photo is a bigger picture, literally, and not focus on details.

Although the usage of drones in photography is widely known, there are still places that do not allow the use of it. Sometimes in order to protect the safety of other tourists or the place itself. So as out pro tip, make sure to research first if the places you will be going to allow the usage of drones before carrying all the items and not be able to use it.

Pack light, pack right

Packing just the right items needed for all your photography needs will do the trick of packing light. Especially if you are doing a backpack traveling. The last thing you wanted to do is bring loads of equipment which eventually will not be used anyway during the trip.

Start with the camera of your choice. Bring a quality camera with lenses that can be used for portrait shots and at the same time scenery shots too. If you are fussy in viewing your photos from time to time, then bring a lightweight laptop with you. If not, you can leave it when you’re back home. Another option is to bring a tablet instead. Cameras with Wi-Fi can be connected to your tablet for a photo transfer feature.

And then, the basics. Extra batteries, chargers and memory cards if need be.

Plan ahead

If it is your first time to travel to a certain destination, make sure to do as much of research as you can.

Schedule your itinerary ahead of time, based on the opening hours of a certain landmark you’d want to visit. Or based on the daily weather so you can manage your outfits as well. There are places that don’t allow items such as tripods, selfie sticks or drones. So you can now decide whether bringing them with you is worth an extra kilo added to your luggage.

Keep on learning something new

Have you ever heard the phrase sky’s the limit? Well, it is absolutely right when it comes to learning.

Never put a limit on yourself when it comes to acquiring new techniques. Especially if you would love to improve your travel photography skills. Seeing through behind that tiny lens is like looking at the whole world in a different perspective. And that is amazing because not everyone has that capability of doing so. So might as well make the most of it.

Different options for a knowledgeable photography course online are readily available at a very affordable cost. Or sometimes, even free of charge. Do loads of practice in your spare time too. Make it a point that before you book another holiday, you get to learn at least one or two new techniques and then put it to practice next time.

To wrap it up, don’t forget to have fun. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself as you improve your photography skills. Remember, you’re doing this to have something to look back in the future. I’m sure you would only want to look back on happy trips and memories.

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