A Preview Of Investment Banking

Investment Banking is one of the tougher industries to pursue and make it in.

Especially as most do as a first job.

It’s an incredibly competitive field often with thousands of applicants and few spots, that are usually reserved for people with connections.

Secure banking

The industry forces you to perform and act in a high pressure environment with a lot of different forces on you to produce a high quality of work.

The life of an investment banker is not an easy one.

You’ll find yourself spending a lot of nights at the office, weekends working, and coming in early with minimal sleep.

It’s a difficult grind for most, and requires you to sacrifice your lifestyle and well being for 12 to 24 months.

So what does an investment banking analyst do?

They create and assemble a lot of documents, presentations, and memo’s.

They are there to create the documents needed to win business or close a transaction.

It’s an important position because the deals, and projects depend upon the numbers accuracy, in order to correctly analyze and evaluate the question at hand.

A lot of it is inputting, editing, and formatting, but someone has to do it.

And as the new employee, without much experience, thats going to be you.
So if you’re looking to become an investment banking analyst, get ready to sit behind a computer for a while, play around in the Microsoft applications, and spend a lot of time in the office making projects ready to roll.

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