A Guide to Miami Cuban Link Chain

The Miami Cuban link chain is one of the well-known and most versatile gold chains in the market today. It is a well-known link chain for the fact that many famous people, usually celebrities and rappers, wear these Miami Cuban link chains. Hence, the demand of Miami Cuban link chain is rising throughout the years.

Cuban link chains are often referred in different names: such as “Curb Chain”, “Franco Chain”, among other names. But “Miami Cuban” link chains have a distinct characteristic in them, and that is what will find out for this article.


Metal Composition of a Miami Cuban Link Chain

Although the Miami Cuban link chain is known for its color gold, it can actually be made out of technically any metal. You can buy, for instance, a platinum Miami Cuban link chain or a silver Miami Cuban link chain. But the most common color being bought by people is gold.

Some metals are also combined with certain metals to achieve a certain color. For instance, combining cold with manganese to achieve a certain white gold color variation.

So, practically, Miami Cuban link chains are made of any metal, but gold is often the common standard.

How Much Size Should I Buy?

When it comes to jewelry and gold, quality and authenticity is certainly one factor you should look into. This applies to all types of jewelry: rings, chains, pendants, etc. However, when it comes to link chains like the Miami Cuban link chains, you definitely need to consider the size as well!

One reason why many people look into size is because, many of their favorite celebrities and rappers brag their big link chains on their images. It only makes sense that these people will aim for a bigger size as well.

But a tricky question is: if you are not interested in showing off your bling-bling and really just want to wear a Miami Cuban link chain, then how big (or small) should you have?

Well, for the most part, your size will depend on your taste. How “cool” you want to be will depend, well, on how you define “cool”. But if you want to follow your favorite rapper or your neighbor’s link size, then it’s best you buy the same size they wear.

Another thing you need to consider is the weight of each chain. You may want a bigger chain, but are you willing to carry its weight? Unless you are a fan of rap (or a rapper yourself), then perhaps smaller (but lighter) chains may do well for you.

How Much “K” In a Gold?

Unless you are disinterested in gold purity, then you should consider gold purity when buying a Miami Cuban link chain. Gold purity is measured in its “K” – the higher the “K”, the more pure it is. So, how much “K” should you have when buying a Miami Cuban link chain?

Typically, an 18k gold Miami Cuban link chain is made up of around 75% pure gold. A 10k gold chain, on the other hand, is typically made of 50% gold or less.

So, how much “K” should you buy? The sweet spot is always 14k, but a 10k gold does not necessarily mean cheap product (and an 18k gold does not necessarily mean high quality). Gold purity does not add to a chain’s quality, but it’s not the only determining factor.

Lastly, keep in mind that the higher the “K”, the more expensive it will be. Of course!

Quality, Quality, Quality!

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of your Miami Cuban link chain. As mentioned above, gold purity is not the only determinant of quality. So what else is?

Craftsmanship, that is! A 10k gold chain made out of quality craftsmanship is way better than an 18k gold chain that is poorly crafted.

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