7 Tips in Visual Content Marketing for Maximum Results

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Visuals can play an important role in your content marketing strategy to increase your website’s visibility. You can use visual content strategies to get more clicks, traffic, and conversion. Image and video can easily grab and hold the attention of your potential buyers. In fact, contents with images get more shares, engagements, and likes than texts on social media platforms. Our brain only takes one to ten seconds to understand visuals. But if you read 200 words, it will take around sixty seconds. You can also go through the following statistics to know why visual content marketing is important for the success of your website.

•  Images can get around 47% higher click-through rates

•   Visuals can be remembered 6x better than texts

•  Visual storytelling with relevant images get 94% more views than content

•  Videos are able to generate around 80% more conversation

•  Tweets with images get 150% more retweets and 18% more clicks than tweets without images

•  Facebook post with visuals receive 3.2x more engagement than posts without images

•  LinkedIn posts with visuals receive around 98% higher comments

Tips for Visual Content Marketing

Visual elements have become an integral part of content creation. Every product or service should create visual contents in their posts to get the desired exposure. You can consider the following tips for data visualization and create user generated content by adding visuals with different types of content. Visual content marketing was popular in 2017 and 2018 and it has started getting more appreciation in 2019.

1.  Easy to Understand Visuals

While choosing visuals, make sure these are relevant to your contents. You can create content to complement your videos. Videos should add value to your contents and should convey the message in a simple and impressive manner. Images can be the ideal storyteller if added properly. You can add a funny meme, emotional photo, or documentary to express your contents in the best possible manner.

2.  Different Image Types & Formats

While adding a video or image to a piece of content, you should always make sure that it supports your content and adds value to it. For example:

•  Create photos of your service and use contents to explain your objective in a simple manner

•  Make graphs of the statistics, and processes

•  Add screenshots to ensure easy understanding of the process

•  Use a compelling infographic to summarize the most important points and statistics

•   Create a visual summary

There are many ways to add videos. You just need to choose the most appropriate way to make more convincing.

3.  Understanding Copyright Laws

You should know that all the visuals are protected by copyrights. If you share them unknowingly, you will be subjected to copyright infringement. You might have to pay costly penalties for using illegal images. There is also the possibility of legal trouble. The principle is simple. If you have made the video, the copyright will be with you only. If you have taken it from other sources, you will need writing permission or license to use that video or image.

4.  SEO Optimization

Visual search has increased by over 27%. Search engines have a better understanding of visual contents and that results in better exposure. If you optimize your videos and images with your keywords, search engines will find your website worth showing for top visual search results. The description and keywords need to be relevant to the visual contents to boost internet traffic to your website. Also, you can consider including ALT attribute to explain your images with suitable keywords and description.

5.  Add Social Media Buttons

Make sure that you are adding social media buttons to your visual media. If you add social media buttons to your blog post and website, you can easily get the desired internet traffic with better exposure. This can be very effective for shareable images, graphics, and infographics. These buttons will enable your followers and visitors to share your images with one click.

6.  Share Across Social Media Channels

Social media cross-promotion can offer better visibility for your contents. When there are multiple pages for your contents, these images can be shared widely. However, you need to choose the best image sizes for different networks to get the desired benefits.

7.  Use Link Post and Image Post Format

While sharing blogs and any other content, use the link to the post. If your content contains a number of images and videos, then use all of them to reshare content. The combination of link post and image post can create more variation and a trustworthy environment.

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