7 New Content Marketing Ways

“Technology doubles every 2 years” This is a very common phrase used today which was devised by Moore’s Law. But the truth is that technology doubles every 18 months. The “every 18 month” is not recalled in the memories today because Mr. Moore devised “every 2 year” law and the earlier law just got viral 15 years before “every 18 months” law. Often there is a misconception between these laws but the “every 2 year” law is mostly on the mouth of students. Reason? Content Marketing.

Imagine if Moore’s 2 year law was gone viral in 1960, what will happen in 2013 when you adopt the updated method for Content Marketing. 7 new innovative Ideas for Content Marketing in 2013:

Quit Cigarettes – Time for Weed

Update your PC configurations, cell phones, TV, refrigerators and even wallet. The day you lag behind the technology is the day you are pinged late by the society. Content marketing is utterly important. When you decide to anchor the platform you use should be highly optimized with latest configuration so as to reach clients and customers. Websites like Slideshare, Facebook, Google AdSense, Twitter and LinkedIn are best options for your employees to get started with content marketing.

Make Yourself People’s Favorite

It has been found that people love to read some of their bookmarks and blogs on a daily basis as compared to preceding years. Try to make your content such that people would love to mark your website or blog in their favorite category.

Get Recognized

Talking of social media, it is very important for you to be transparent. Running a big business sometimes may not be well recognized when people do not recognize you. Try to get some interviews with some leading magazines – this helps a lot or try to get a joint venture of any magazine – this is retain some customers from magazine to your business.

Attract Bees with Your Honey

Inarguably, selling yourself is the most important part of marketing. As far as content marketing is concerned, you should hire a professional to redesign your website. It will attract more users and customers. Remember – first impression is the best marketing tip.

Too Many Cooks Do Not Spoil the Broth

Sometimes, it is not advisable to gear up without any help. But in this increasing social media curse, it is very much recommended to partner with some people. This will exponentially increase the TRP.

Visibility Value = 100%

Bridging the gap between employees and executives is always considered beneficial. In 2013, BlackBerry Messenger is available in Android, people crave for Whatsapp, Facebook is their deity and WeChat is the publicity. With all these options, you will be 24×7 be updated with technology worldwide and retrieve any info about employee about bugs and grievances.

Always Be an All-rounder

If your company produce shirts for girls, it is not necessary that girls should be the primary target. Make a definite advertisement where you target each and every age group with males and females. There is no hard and fast rule which states that targeting should be product specific. You will eventually see rise in profits if you target everyone. Recommendation, sharing, gossip, commercials – these are some reasons why target should not be product-specific.

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