6 Business Tech Solutions That Have Revolutionized Their Industries

If you own a business, it can be difficult to manage all the different kinds of tasks you’re required to gracefully juggle every day. After all, there are employees, clients, prospects, budgets, and plenty more to worry about! But luckily, there are also tons of business tech solutions you can use to better streamline your workflow, manage your employees, and grow your company.

Here are some business tech solutions that have revolutionized how businesses run and operate:

The Cloud

The cloud isn’t just a big fluffy thing in the sky, it’s also a revolutionary invention that helps business users access data from literally anywhere there’s an internet connection. Companies can easily stay within budget by relying on these cloud-based services because you only pay for as much space on the cloud as you need, usually on a subscription basis.

Another major benefit of using a cloud service is the automated management of any updates and maintenance. Most cloud applications simply update without the need for any user intervention.

And finally, all business owners know the importance of backing up their data but if you do it manually, it can be a laborious process that involves hours of waiting. Luckily, if users opt for the cloud instead, files are backed up at an off-site location and constantly synced so they stay protected from data corruption, cybercrime, and natural disasters.

Business connectivity that never ends

Thanks to technology like Skype, you can connect to clients, colleagues, and prospects with a few clicks of your mouse, a webcam, and an internet connection. With these kinds of advanced communication technologies, the business world never sleeps.

There are intuitive user-friendly videoconferencing hubs that allow all attendees to feel included in the conversations that almost eliminate the usefulness of in-person meetings all together.

Real-time business analytics

In order to make an effective marketing plan for your business, you need real, hard data. With tools like Google Analytics, you can track real-time progress of your business and measure important metrics. Google Analytics allows you to see data about any company website or client website you set up. Here are a few of the key metrics GA will tell you about your site:

  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions
  • Traffic sources
  • Interactions per visit

GPS tracking system

For fleet-based businesses, it’s important to make sure that your technicians are driving safely and getting to jobs on time. With business solutions like a GPS tracking system, you can easily manage all of your vehicles and remote employees.

A GPS system also enables business owners to optimize their vehicles, reduce fuel consumptions, and improve safety. All in all, they are integral to those who employ drivers and need to track various vehicles out in the field at a glance.

GPS tracking

3D printing

3D printing has changed almost all forms of manufacturing because parts can be built quickly and cheaply. In the automotive and aerospace industries, 3D metal printing is being used to print lighter, more aerodynamic parts to boost fuel efficiency and lower costs.

In the medical industry, 3D printing has shown promise for being able to print tissue which could be used in many kinds of medical procedures to help improve and save lives.

Virtual reality

You might think that virtual reality is only revolutionizing how gamers interact with their game scape, but there are other nontraditional uses for VR in business industries as well. For example, fire departments use virtual reality to train novice firefighters on proper emergency procedures before sending them out on a call. This low risk training process means new firefighters can practice their essential skills without the pressure of real-life stakes.

Similarly, VR can also be used to train medical students to acquire surgical experiences more quickly without risking a patient’s life. With virtual reality, medical trainees get the chance to conduct delicate surgeries and acquire the hours of practice they need before performing surgeries on real patients.


It’s an exciting time to be a business leader in America and there’s a whole suite of technology waiting to help you and your business succeed. Whatever industry you happen to work in, there’s a device, service, or product that can take your company from average to extraordinary.

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