6 Areas That You Should Be Aware of Getting Hacked

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Just two years ago, hackers breached roughly 50% of the 28 million small businesses across the U.S. No business is small enough to be immune to the growing threat of cyber attacks and the negative impacts such breaches can have on operations. Having said that, what online information or accounts are small business owners most concerned about when it comes to fear of hacking?

Global Resources compiled a list of the online accounts and information people most fear being hacked. Let’s take a look at them in greater detail.

Online Banking

Online banking crime poses a legitimate threat to small businesses. Having your small business bank accounts hacked or the banking information of your customers stolen can prove irreversibly detrimental to a small business.

Social Media

Social media hacking is a rising threat for small businesses and companies, potentially diminishing your business’s reputation and credibility. It is therefore critical that you adequately protect your small business’s social media accounts through steps such as not recycling passwords across sites and reporting any suspicious activity immediately.


If your small business has an Amazon account to buy or sell items, you should be aware that cyber criminals target Amazon users with password reuse attacks. It is therefore vital that you closely monitor your Amazon business account.


Three years ago, Anthem was hacked, resulting in their clients’ medical and personal information being stolen and exposed. Having health and medical data stolen is regarded as one of the biggest threats to security.

Personal Email

It is not rare for members of your staff to access their personal email accounts at work. Cyber criminals seek out personal email accounts to steal people’s information and send out fraudulent emails to contacts. Subsequently, it is critical for those using personal email accounts at work to take the required steps to adequately preserve their accounts.

Work Email

Accessing and manipulating work emails can potentially end a business’s operations, as emails may not be able to reach their destination. With email hacking on the rise, it is essential that every member of staff at your company acts diligently in relation to emails. Having secure passwords is the clear and obvious step in fighting work email crime, as secure passwords making it harder for hackers to penetrate email accounts. Take time to make sure that all of your accounts are protected (or maybe even considering a single sign on solution from a company link Centrify, OneLogin, Okta, etc) in order to avoid exposing personal information. You won’t regret it.

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