5 Ways for Brands to Place Promotional Content in 2021

It’s clear that the way brands go about promoting their business in 2021 looks a lot different than how it did ten, or even twenty years ago. Nowadays, the digital era has forced many companies to embrace technology in ways that marketers from previous decades could have only dreamed of. However, the fact still remains that promotional placements should always be intentional, with a clear goal of the outcome in mind. That’s why in this article we have broken down five different areas where marketers can promote their products, taking into consideration who they may want to target.

One of the major four ‘Ps’ of marketing, figuring out where to place an ad or any promotional content is crucial for a successful brand campaign  

For Visibility: Social Media Ads

Take a few moments to scroll through popular social media networks like Instagram or Facebook and you’ll be hard-pressed not to find advertisements stick out at every twist and turn. Today this is one of the best ways brands create visibility between their products and customers, as it gives businesses the opportunity to show their long-term loyalty. The only con for this option is that you may need to hire a social media manager since this placement requires constant monitoring on every channel. However, it will be one of the best investments you could possibly make, especially since social networks are not going anywhere anytime soon.

For Straightforward Accessibility: Website

Although it may seem obvious, an ideal spot for promotional content is a brand’s website or landing page. Whether on a mobile phone or desktop computer, both potential and existing customers are most likely visiting your business’s site each time they hear about your brand or are interested in taking action on a product. Therefore, what better place to publish discounts, deals, or special offers than straight on the website?

One sector that does this especially well in 2021 is online casinos. Here, a variety of different platforms are vying for users’ attention, but those that post easily visible promotions on their sites have a better chance at gaining customers in the long-term. For example, certain providers will give players free spins on themed-slot games since they are aware that these games are some of the most popular. The guidelines of these promotions are clear and concise and can be accessed directly on the website without having to Google around. After all, it’s always a smart strategy when marketing meets customers where they are already at.

For a Wider Reach: Partnerships

In the same way that social media ads promote visibility among target audiences, joint ventures also have the ability to do just that. The key here is to form a partnership with another brand in your market that is not a competitor but does share like-minded customers who are looking for similar things in a product or service. Once this relationship is established, promotional content can be placed in the context of both your business and your new partner’s. It is most important to find brands which will add to the value of yours, without diminishing or taking away anything.  

Sometimes, partnering with other brands in non-competing markets is a great way to expand your customer base

For Older Target Audiences: Email or T.V.

You may be thinking — what if my brand’s major target audience is not Millennials but rather older generations? What are the best digital marketing practices if not social media? Well, the truth is that nowadays many seniors are getting more and more accustomed to operating technology even if they are not present on social networks.

In fact, many older internet-connected populations use technology for different tasks, one of which includes checking email inboxes. This is where effective email marketing for seniors can come in handy. Additionally, placing promotions or ads over the television is another medium which can be useful for older consumers. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that even those these demographics may seem different than your normal audience, the goal is the same: create targeted messages that pull at the heart strings of the customer.

For Millennial Target Audiences: Influencers

There’s no doubt that ‘influencer’ is one of the biggest buzz words when it comes to marketing in 2021. Although it is a reasonably new way of promoting products, it has proven to be an extremely effective resource in getting customers to act. Just think about it — a buyer’s behavior towards a brand will immediately change for the better if they find out that their favorite TikTok star is endorsing it. These people are similar to the average customer themselves, but with one major difference-their following base has the potential to reach millions in a very short time. Unsurprisingly, one survey found that a whopping 49% of Millennials stated that an influencer’s relatability drives their purchase.

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