5 Handy Tools to Have Around the House at All Times

As a homeowner, you probably already know how the upkeep of the house can be a bit overwhelming at times. No matter if you think of yourself as handy or not, most of the time it is completely up to you to fix the little things or make small updates to keep your house running along and still looking nice. Here are five tools to keep in a kitchen drawer so you can instantly have access to them without having to hunt them down in the garage.  

Tape Measure 

It is amazing how many times you use a tape measure as a homeowner. Want to hang a picture up on the wall but want it centred correctly? Break out the tape measure. Would you like to move the furniture around in the living room and give it all a fresh new look? Better measure to see if that couch can actually fit along that wall.  


Hammers are not just for hammering nails into wood. If you have a stuck window that needs a bit of an adjustment, carefully hammer away. Plus, when you are out in the yard, you may just need a hammer to knock things into place.  

A Couple Good Knives for Everyday Use 

With the amount of online shopping done nowadays, there is a good chance you have had to open a few boxes a week on average. Make it easy on yourself by purchasing a utility knife that will cut open these boxes in seconds. Simply contact an industrial blade company and you will be able to find a knife that lasts forever.  

A Small Level 

Trying to hang a picture up on the wall can be pretty trying if you don’t have a level to help you out. Rather than spending five minutes making small adjustments here and there, hang the picture perfectly straight in a matter of seconds.  

Super Glue 

Is super glue considered a tool? Not sure. But it is helpful for a variety of reasons around the house. We all break things now and then. Rather than throw them in the garbage, just glue the pieces back together. Plus, you never know when super glue will be able to close a really bad cut that would otherwise need stitches. Super glue is not just for putting broken lamps back together any longer! 

Finally, make sure to have a solid and safe storage solution for all your tools (for children’s safety and overall neatiness!). 

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