3 Tips For Setting Up A Work Space In Your Home

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When you own an online business or work as a freelancer, it’s important to have a dedicated work area in your home. When you have a dedicated workspace, it’s easier to focus on current priorities. When you aren’t working, it’s also easier to put any pending projects out of your mind so you can relax. You don’t have to dedicate an entire room to your business—just follow these tips to set up a functional workspace anywhere in your house.

Ensure Electrical Sockets Are Easy to Access

Chances are, you need a decent number of electrical sockets close to your work area. However, it’s unlikely that every room in your home has sufficient outlets. Instead of running extension cords and power strips to your work area, consider installing a pop-up power grommet from a company like Mockett.com on your desk.

These outlets connect to a nearby electrical source using an adapter. They are installed into the top of your desk for easy access, and the wires run down underneath your desk, so they aren’t a tangled mess.

If you don’t want to install an outlet at the top of your desk, consider purchasing a large pop-up outlet to install in the floor underneath it. This way you don’t have cords running across the room. Make sure you invest in a proper chair to support your body during long hours, here’s an article about exactly that.

De-Clutter Your Work Area

Whether you realize it or not, a cluttered space is a stressful space. So, it’s important to keep your work area tidy and organized. When you don’t have a lot of stuff lying around, it’s easier to focus on the task at hand. Chances are, if you have a clutter-free work area, you’ll find that you get more work done during your work day. This will also help with completing tasks efficiently with a clearer mindset, giving you more free time throughout your day.

To de-clutter your workspace, consider storing electronic files instead of paper files. Ideally, you should have practices in place for working in a paper-free environment when you start a business, but you can always upgrade later if needed. You can use a cloud storage service to house everything from copies of your work and client information to contracts and invoices. It’s also a good idea to use cloud-hosted software for bookkeeping, client management, and project management because it minimizes paper clutter. You can even switch from a desktop planner or calendar to a calendar app if you want to go completely paper-free.

Consider Vertical Organization Options

Even if you try your best to de-clutter your workspace, there’s a good chance you’ll have some type of office supplies or work-related material that you need to store. Instead of sitting items on top of your desk where they can distract you, use the wall space above your desk to create vertical storage solutions.

You can hang a series of shelves over your desk to hold boxes or bins of work-related items, jars of pens and highlighters, and any business-related books you own. But don’t use your wall solely for storage. Consider hanging a few of your favorite pictures or quotes over your desk or displaying items that make you happy. When you’re in a good mood, you’re likely to get more work done. It’s also a good idea to use baskets, bins, and boxes for under-the-desk storage if needed.

Ultimately, the way you organize your work area affects the way you work and how much work you complete each day. So, take the time to organize your belongings and create a workspace that’s clutter-free and inspiring to increase your daily production.

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