5 Content Writing Secrets to Increase Website Traffic

How many times have you thought of the best ways to increase your website’s traffic? Every ambitious site owner thinks of increasing website traffic every day. Increasing traffic to your website is not something that happens overnight. 

It is gradual in nature just like most aspects of life. The site owner who has tens of thousands visiting his or her site every day started off just like you. 

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The difference is, he or she discovered just as you are about to discover the secrets to increase traffic. They not only discovered the secrets but also put to practice what they learnt. You too can learn how to drive traffic to your website. 

1. Content matters

Your content is a huge determinant of the success of failure of your site. It’s important to take your time and come up with creative relevant topics that will engage your target audience. Writing for the sake of writing has never accomplished anything worthwhile. 

It’s important to know your niche and the needs of your target market. People will only sacrifice their time for worthwhile things. This means creating content that addresses their current problems and needs. Knowing the topic to address is only the first step. 

The second step involves creating quality content. Quality is more important than quantity. A short well written post is better than a long post full of errors. You can boost the traffic by using a service that writes essays in a great way. Hiring a professional writer can alleviate your problems.

2. Use relevant keywords

The use of keywords effectively is one of the characteristics of a high ranking site. It’s very important to build your content around a number of keywords that are relevant to your niche and overall business. 

Great content will increase traffic because it provides link building opportunities. Relevant meaningful content is more likely to be read and shared by people. When it comes to link building, you should keep boosting your relevancy for improved rankings

3. Create a visually appealing site

Designing a visually appealing site is important if you want to increase website traffic. No one wants to spend his time and money visiting a dull boring site or reading a poorly written article. Introducing visual elements to your site and posts will improve your content’s memorability and scalability. 

Great visual elements will also improve your site’s traffic because majority of people are visual learners. Avoid using visual elements that have either been overused or those that look old. The more visually appealing your site and posts are, the better placed you will be in the online market

The best visual elements include pictures and infographics. To create visually appealing assets, you should research on the topic and content that make up your element and use the best sites and services to find the best pictures.

4. Write for a single person

How do you read most of the content online? Do you read it with friends and loved ones? Most people read content alone. This should also apply when you are creating content. Visualizing and writing for a single person is much better than writing for a group of people. 

Personalizing your posts will make your readers feel special and motivate them to come back for more. Writing for one person is one of the best ways to find your voice and create a powerful content. You can only change lives and the world when you target individuals instead of groups

5. User feedback says it all

How your readers feel about your site and content is very important. You need to go through the comment and feedback sections regularly to find out what your clients are saying. 

By doing this, you will solve arising problems and answer your customers’ queries and concerns. You will start achieving your goals when your readers are happy. And they can only be happy when you listen and follow their advice.


Increasing traffic is the main goal of every site owner. However, only a handful of site owners achieve this goal. To increase traffic, you have to look at your posts before publishing. You need to ensure that is it relevant, engaging and educative. 

You should never compromise quantity for quality. It’s better to write a short relevant and engaging post than a long post full of errors. Also, keywords play an important role in increasing traffic of your site. You should always use keywords that are relevant to your niche. Working on your visuals and listening to your readers will boost traffic and improve your site’s rankings. Start using these tips today.


Robert Everett is a professional writer and editor for the Guardian. He enjoys sharing his views and insights on successful blogging on his website. During his free time, you’ll find him creating content to help his fellow bloggers or walking his dog.

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