5 Benefits Of Investing In Check-In Kiosks For Your Customers

In business, one of the crucial factors you have to ensure is that your customers would have a pleasant experience in your establishment. Aside from providing high-caliber products, you must offer superior-quality service so your customers will keep coming back to support your brand.

You might want to consider investing in a check-in kiosk for your customers. These self-service stalls have become popular in airports and hotels, where guests can check into their flights or rooms by themselves. Nonetheless, these booths are beneficial for any industry, including healthcare, corporate, and even higher education.


Here are the advantages of purchasing check-in kiosks for your customers:

1. Reduce Queues

One of the primary benefits of this type of kiosk is that they hasten the process of checking into your establishment. For instance, if you run a hotel, investing in these stalls clears up the crowd that may form on your front desk, especially during peak seasons. The same goes for clinics. Patients can just type in their information on the kiosk and receive their number. This appeases your customers’ need for quick service. 

Plus, it also lessens the risk of contamination. With the current coronavirus pandemic, you want people to be mindful of their safety and practice social distancing. You can implement additional sanitary measures, such as disinfecting each kiosk after someone uses it.

2. More Customer Autonomy

Another advantage of self-service kiosks is that they provide your clients the choice to check into your office themselves or ask your staff for help. This gives them more control over the process, which makes them more engaged with your company.

You might think that it won’t make a difference whether customers do the check-in themselves or not. However, autonomy appeals to human nature. It gives them the perception of being more than just a buyer since they’ve become part of the process. This way, you increase the chance of converting them into loyal customers.

3. Quicker Service

With lower queues, your staff can accommodate your customers quicker compared to when they had to talk to each one about their inquiries. Clients will enjoy faster service since they can check in on their own and won’t encounter any crowd at the front desk.

On you and your staff’s end, you can focus on other customer service-related tasks. For example, in a hotel, there’s an endless array of activities that you have to monitor, such as answering the phone and accommodating the requests of guests.

Self-service kiosks are highly valuable for establishments that operate 24/7, such as hotels and hospitals, since the evening workforce is usually lower than the number of dayshift employees. Clients that arrive late at night can check in easily without having to wait for someone to accommodate them, which means that they can get their much-needed rest faster.

4. Decrease Errors

One concern with manual check-ins is the time wasted on clarifying the information that the customer provided. You may have experienced having your name misspelled by the staff from the doctor’s clinic or a hotel receptionist booking you in an incorrect room. 

Fortunately, you can avoid these issues in your establishment by investing in a check-in kiosk. Your customers can type in their personal details themselves without worrying about making mistakes on their data. Moreover, it also eliminates potential security problems, especially since your staff won’t have to handle this type of confidential information. They can just leave it to the guests to type in their name, contact details, and even their payment data.

5. Improve Client Satisfaction

A self-service kiosk would allow you to create a warmer experience for your customers. The information that the machine gleans on your behalf can ensure that the client’s first interaction with your employees is personalized. This means that your staff can call them by name and take into consideration the preferences that they disclosed in the self-check-in process.

This type of personalization significantly boosts your customer service and, in turn, increases the satisfaction that they feel with your brand. You can build your reputation as a provider of high-quality service, which is a factor that can help your business grow.


Investing in a check-in kiosk can reduce overhead costs for your business and enable your staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks. On your customer’s end, they can enjoy faster service due to reduced queues at the front desk. Moreover, they have more control over the information that they disclose without worrying about errors. Lastly, you can improve your customer service through the data that you collect from these stalls.

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