Standing Desks Offer Increased Physical and Emotional Health

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time is bad for anyone’s health, yet those of us who work at a desk throughout the day don’t have much of a choice. While it’s true that desk jobs can wreak havoc on our bodies, there’s a way to combat the mental and physical health woes that stem from sitting for too long during the day. If sitting for hours on end leads to negative health problems, such as high blood pressure and weight gain, an obvious solution is to move around more during the day. You may have already heard of sitting alternatives that involve walking during meetings instead of sitting or even working while walking on a treadmill at a slow but steady pace. However, some solutions are much easier, especially for busy days when you can’t seem to get away from your desk.

Between phone calls, reports, and general desk duties, it’s no wonder why so many of us end up sitting for a prolonged period of time throughout the work week. Whether you work for yourself in the comfort of your own home or you share an office space with others, finding the time (and even motivation) to take a walk outside or even engage in some form of activity at lunchtime can seem nearly impossible. According to, studies have continuously shown that sitting for a prolonged stretch of time often leads to worse mental health, not to mention a higher risk of death from heart disease and other causes, along with a higher risk of being disabled. Many people may find it surprising to hear that exercising on a routine basis, such as 45 to 60 minutes per day, might not be enough to undo the harmful effects of sitting.

While some of those who work desk jobs are able to find time to get up and stretch or go for a walk during the day, it’s nearly impossible for others, particularly during a busy period of time. If you find yourself wanting to incorporate a bit more activity during the day but aren’t sure how to go about solving this problem without sacrificing precious work time, ergonomic standing desks are a practical solution. Many height adjustable desks allow users to electronically adjust the height in an effort to find the most comfortable seating position along with a natural standing position. One advantage of these fast-adjusting desks is that it ensures a much easier and quicker transition from sitting to standing than other sit-stand desks often offer.

According to, standing desks can help individuals burn up to one third more of their caloric intake compared to those who are using a typical sitting desk. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your desk, as the act of standing itself, even for just 10 minutes every hour, leads to increased health benefits. Various sizes, designs, and finishes make it easy to find the most suitable sitting desk for your home or office demands.

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