4 Reasons Why CEOs Should Surf

why ceos should surfNo one said that the life of a CEO is easy.

In fact, the CEO can be under pressure and generally has a workload out of this world. Due to the expectancy of performing tremendously well, it is imperative for anyone to feel confident in themselves. A great way to build confidence while simultaneously improving one’s physical health, surfing has infected CEO’s countrywide. While some will inevitably scoff at this notion, it is true that surfing is a great way to work, well…better; especially if asked by the successful Entrepreneur and Internet Guru Danny DeMichele, who knows a thing or two about being a CEO and surfer. In fact, here are four reasons why CEO’s should surf, from the CEO himself, Danny DeMichele.

More energy

Believe it or not, working out and engaging in more cardio will in turn, give you more energy. Think about it, when a person rides a bike or does other activities before work, they are likely to have plenty of energy. This is obviously important for a busy CEO who does not have time to drag his or her feet during working hours. Simply put, if you want to have that energy to power through meetings and work long hours, go ahead and hit the waves for an hour a day.


Just paddling out can give anyone a new sense of pride and standing up on your first wave throws you into a world of confidence and excitement. Confidence that can be reflected off the surfboard and in the office. This is the perfect mindset to be in for anyone starting their work day, that goes double for an CEO looking to get that extra step ahead when working towards putting their company in the forefront of its genre.


As a hardworking and dedicated person in one’s personal life as well as work life, you find yourself understanding the importance of others. In regards to a company, group and team effort is imperative for overall success for the company as well as individual gain. Incorporating team gatherings and group activities can be an impacting tool for a successful company. As a CEO you want your employees to feel empowered and trust in not only themselves, but their co workers and the company as a whole as well. A great alternative to the traditional team meeting, a surfing camp, for instance, can be a perfect way to have all employees bond with each other as well as their commander and chief himself.


Promoting a laid back but professional atmosphere himself, Danny has gathered an outstanding team that doesn’t fit the norm when it comes to ‘office life.’ Many of his employees and co workers, including Danny himself, enjoy surfing and often run for a sesh mid afternoon, before work, or flock to the waves together after working hours. The accessibility that comes with this amazing sport gives flexibility, which is necessary in the hectic everyday life of a CEO.

Simply put, surfing isn’t just a sport, it is a way of life. Anyone who appreciates the ocean and the work that has to be done with what has been given to them, understands that there is more than what meets the eye. Opening up one’s idea about fitness in the office can be done so and beyond with incorporating surfing into the daily life of a CEO.

How do you mix fitness with business?

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