4 Ideas to Add that Finishing Touch to Your Packaging

Do you operate a small business that sends out physical goods to customers? If that is the case, you will understand the importance of packaging. Not only does everything have to be legible and accurate regarding written addresses, but the packaging also needs to offer adequate protection for whatever items you are selling – the latter is especially true if you are sending fragile products.

With that said, the basics are only the start when it comes to packaging. There are plenty of small yet impactful details you can make that will enhance this aspect of your company. Below are four top tips that will complement your packaging.

Be professional with your labels

If you are currently writing your shipping labels onto the packaging by hand, it is time to change up that process. While using your own handwriting is fine in a practical sense, it is not the most professional look for your business. Moreover, and considering it is the first impression a customer will have upon receiving their product, it is not the best way to start off their experience.

As a result, it is advised that you purchase a professional label maker such as those made by Dymo. As well as being relatively inexpensive, the labels produced assist in giving your company that extra level of professionalism in terms of aesthetics.

Include a personalized note

Although you will want the aforementioned labels to look professional and coordinated, this doesn’t mean other aspects of your packaging cannot include a personalized touch.

One way of doing this is by including a note within the packaging. This note can feature a simple, handwritten message such as the following:

‘Dear [Customer’s Name],

Thank you for your order!

Kind regards,

[Your name]’

It might not seem like much, but it helps to give you a better – and more personal – connection with your customers. Plus, by going that extra mile, it is something that consumers will appreciate.

Add an incentive for more orders

Alongside a personalized note, you could also include something that will greatly increase the chances of a repeat order.

So, what could that incentive be? Well, a common enticement is a discount codecoupon, where a business will offer a certain percentage off the next order that a customer makes with their company. While the discount you decide to propose is up to you, something as small as 5-10% off will entice plenty of consumers to make a returning order. This is because they feel like they are being rewarded.

This isn’t the only incentive available at your disposal, either. You could possibly include a small gift with each order, or give customers a free item after a set amount of orders.

Leave a mark

As it is not utilized by many at present, you could help make your business stand out by leaving a mark on your packaging. What mark do we hear you ask? Well, one from a stamp.

The stamp could include your business logo, which would greatly enhance the overall appearance of your packaging. In addition, getting a stamp made with your logo/specialist design is both easy and inexpensive.

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