5 Ways Non-Profit Organizations Can Attract More Donations

Non-Profit Organizations

Running a non-profit company can come with a slew of challenges, not least of which is finding new donors to help with your cause. Convincing people that your organization is worthy of their donation will take some creativity and commitment, especially if you just recently started accepting donations. Of course, without contributions from like-minded investors, keeping a non-profit afloat can be financially taxing and may even cause you to start questioning whether you should stay the course. With that said, here are 5 ways you can attract more donations for your non-profit company:

1. Tell Inspiring Stories

People typically want to know the details about what they’re donating towards, and they want to know that it’s part of a genuine effort to help others. The best way to recruit new backers and advocates for your organization is to tell stories that highlight the struggle or problem you’re trying to solve in the world. Non-profit storytelling is a technique that many entrepreneurs overlook because they’re so focused on statistics and planning. Sometimes, to create a better future you have to share the past with others. 

Non-profit storytelling adds a degree of authenticity to your promotional content because it shows that your organization is involved a real-world movement and that it has had a tangible impact on people’s lives. If you’re not sure about what kind of stories you should be telling or you need some ideas to start your brainstorming sessions, check out this guide on non-profit storytelling from Givebutter. Givebutter provides a platform that helps nonprofits raise money and build stronger relationships with supporters. 

2. Be Available and Responsive

People don’t like giving money to organizations that are unresponsive or difficult to make contact with. Ideally, you should stay active on all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. That way, you make your brand easy to discover and reach across a variety of support channels. Someone should be able to message you directly and receive a response the same day, preferably within a couple of hours. Likewise, your site should have important contact details listed clearly at the bottom of every page in the footer, and also on the Contact Us page. 

Many contributors will want to have a conversation with someone before they send any donations. By making sure every question and inquiry is answered in a timely manner, you’ll prevent the loss of potential contributions and improve the overall reputation of your non-profit company. Adversely, if you’re in the habit of providing lackluster support and ignoring emails or chat messages, your organization could quickly face negative reviews that damage its reputation and ability to appeal to new donors going forward.

3. Improve Site Design and Content 

In today’s world, most donations are contributed through online payment portals and the vast majority of philanthropists will use the internet to conduct their research when determining which non-profit businesses to contribute towards. As such, it’s imperative for your site to be well-designed and full of inspiring and informative content. You should be publishing blog posts that adequately describe the organization’s purpose while overviewing some of the good works and achievements you’ve already accomplished.

Poorly designed web pages may say to prospective investors that your brand is not yet ready to properly utilize the funding that they have to offer because the assumption can be made that you haven’t invested a sufficient amount in the organization’s web presence. In fact, one could argue that paying for the construction of a new website should be one of the first investments of any business, whether nonprofit or not. With professionally written content and a well-designed base of online operations, you’ll lay the foundation of a web presence that will show others you are serious about further the cause of your non-profit.

4. Connect with Other Organizations and Entrepreneurs

Operating a successful and impactful non-profit without help from others will be an uphill battle in any scenario. Om the other hand, becoming friends with others who share similar passions and goals in the non-profit sector is a surefire way to attract new donors and collaborators. Whether a company is turning a profit or not, a solid networking campaign is always a great way to increase brand awareness.

Start by reaching out to other entrepreneurs on business networking platforms like LinkedIn. After all, networking with another organization really just means conversing with the people who are in charge of running it. Don’t restrict your outreach efforts to include only the people in your industry either, as you can often find support in intersecting niches and generally among any crowd that is working to propel the greater good.

5. Show That Previous Donations Have Been Put to Good Use

People like to see that their donations are being properly utilized and not just stockpiled or misappropriated. Maintain a blog that chronicles the community efforts or other good deeds your non-profit is doing to further its cause. Launch an organized public relations campaign that includes the creation and distribution of press releases, news stories, guest blog posts, social media updates, and infographics.

Ultimately, although everyone won’t demand to see proof that the funds are being spent properly, making such documentation openly available online will showcase an influential factor that will be taken into consideration by the more serious and generous donors out there. If you do manage to attract sizable donations from a major contributor, it’s important to make sure they know their support is appreciated by asking for suggestions on how to improve your efforts and even giving them the option to participate or add value to the direction of the organization.

Dedicate Your Team to a Clearly Defined Missions Statement

Your brand’s mission statement is essentially the creed that should govern the intent and actions of your employees and it should be apparent in every endeavor. As a non-profit, you’re already setting money as the second priority, so achieving your organization’s goals really becomes the primary focus. If reading your mission statement doesn’t inspire you daily, it may need some amendments or adjustments. Don’t be afraid to revise your About Us page and update your brand’s defining content as you continue to grow and become a better administrator of your non-profit organization.

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