3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Can Get More Done in Their Workday

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There are many benefits to being an entrepreneur or freelancer. Picking your own clients, choosing your own work hours, and working from home are all reasons why 42 million Americans are will be working for themselves by 2020.

It’s easy to see why- autonomy is a beautiful thing. But while self-employment is hugely rewarding, you don’t get paid for the downtime you enjoyed at your 9-5. Coffee breaks, lunch breaks, water cooler chats- these are now unpaid. This is why it’s so important to work as productively as possible.

Here are 3 ways you can get more done in your workday:

  1. Use the Right Tools

There are thousands of tools, apps, and services that make life easier for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

From branded email to invoicing software, time-tracking apps to Google Docs, the right tools can massively boost your productivity. Here are a few of the best tools around:


This time-tracking app shows you where you’re spending your time each day. It’s also excellent if you’re working hourly for multiple clients or working on a number of different projects.


Can’t stay off Facebook during the workday? You need some Self-Control. You hit the timer and the app prevents you from accessing social media sites and other distracting websites (even if you restart your computer) for a predetermined length of time. You can also add websites to the blacklist depending on your biggest time sucks.


This free financial software allows you to send invoices, track your expenses, send payment reminders, and more.

And Co

Created by the team at Fiverr, And Co also helps you track your time, income, and expenses. But it really excels with its proposals and contracts. You simply enter in the information and terms you need, and you get all the necessary legalese.

  1. Try Deep Work

If you haven’t heard of Deep Work, you’ve been missing out. This book by Cal Newport is indispensable if you’re hoping to focus and be more productive during your workday.

Deep Work is when you’re completely focused (without distraction) on a demanding task. It allows you to produce better results and understand complicated information in less time. This technique is made up of four ‘rules’ which help you focus for longer. Instead of switching blindly between tasks, deep work is about shutting off all distractions and focusing intently on one task until it’s completed.

  1. Educate Friends and Family

How often are you interrupted by friends and family members during your workday? If this is something that constantly happens, it may be time to sit them down for a chat.

People who work 9-5 tend to assume that entrepreneurs and freelancers are spending their days drinking coffee and watching Ellen (and maybe sending an email or two). Do yourself a favor and gently let them know that you’ll be turning your phone onto “do not disturb” between certain hours so you can focus.

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