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With the developing brains in humans, there has always been a reduction in the amount of physical activity. This can be seen in any format of work. From travelling distances to picking up a heavy load, human labor is substantially reduced. The same is observed when we want to want to convince someone or win an argument. You can’t just cut the throat or behead any person who’s against you. Still if you are to win it, you have to use your verbal power. Negotiation is not only effective in business industries like the good old days, but are also effective at every point of time in the modern era. Time has changed from a successful dictator to a successful negotiator. The ability to negotiate successful is indeed a necessity as it draws a clear line between failure and success. Here are some tips to become a better negotiator:

Negotiation Tips

  1. Avoid fear: Most of us tend to avoid confrontations since they are afraid of it. They lack negotiation consciousness or building a confidence that everything in the world is negotiable. This is absolutely a fact that everything has got its merits and demerits. So, keep faith in yourself and go for it. You have to be assertive in every set if words you speak. Being assertive means asking for what you want and refusing to take a ‘no’ for an answer. For example, “you shouldn’t do that” can be substituted with “I don’t feel comfortable when you do that”.
  2. Avoid anger: There is a common statement that “as soon as you raise your voice, you loose the negotiation”. Practise expressing your feelings without anxiety or anger. Note that there a fine difference between being assertive or being aggressive. When you take care of your interests, maintaining a respect for the interests of others it is assertive. At the same time when loose the sight of others interests, you tend to become aggressive. Challenges should not be taken at a face value. You cannot negotiate unless you desire to change the validity of the opposing logic.
  3. Prefer listening at times: Negotiation is not a unidirectional transfer of speech. While plotting your points, you should a grasp about the opposite person is trying to depict. You are well aware of the difference between hearing and listening, they you have a long way to go as a successful negotiator. Without focusing on their preview, you will not be able to clarify yourself on the exact points. This will eventually lead to conflicts.
  4. Never hurry: Being patient is the key to win an argument. Your patient can be devastating to the other at some point of times as they feel the confidence you are carrying inside. There is a 70/30 rule in a negotiation which states that you listen and be patient 70% of the time and speak the rest 30%. State your points, clarify your views in the opposing person’s words and watch come to the same point in which you have successfully opposed earlier. That’s the trick.
  5. Focus on the pressure on the other side: Sometimes out of pressure or hurry, the opposing party may state something which contradicts their own points at some points. Note the pressure points and try deducing the links while them speaking them out. If you find a failure of linkage among them points spoken out, you can definitely make sure of your success. In the further conclusions, try bringing out that particular point at they stuck once. This will lower their self confidence and impart even more pressure on them, thus clearing your way to victory.

These are some clear strategies to win an argument or convince any person if they are going against your decisions. Note that these are not exactly as easy as they are to read. Negotiating with people requires no less confidence and the presence of your mind than when you are in an examination hall. And remember, “practice makes a man perfect”.

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