3 Things that set you apart in an Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, no matter how many you have attended. The anxiety and stress of leaving a positive and lasting impression on your future employers can get to you. It is easy to succumb to the pressure of your nerves, especially if it is your first time or you are ill-prepared. You get there, and the first thing you do is compare yourself to the competition. Some have longer resumes than yours and are dressed better than you. But, even when things look like they are against you, there are a few things you can do to get ahead. Here are helpful tips for setting you apart in an interview.

Interview Tips

1. Do your research

You must do some reading about the company that is hiring. Whether it is a job interview or a casting call, be sure you research the company. Learn about their mission and vision and go through their social media pages. Researching will arm you with information that you can use during the interview to spark an interesting conversation between you and the employer. Also, research on how to answer common interview questions and practice answering them confidently. If you are going for a casting call, find out how you can stand out from your competition whether you will be alone or in a group casting.

2. Be confident 

It’s no secret that confidence is essential in any job interview. When you are insecure, your presence will be uninspired and weak, and it might cost you the opportunity of a lifetime. For instance, every model knows that casting calls are life in the industry, and making a good impression is a priority. Before you attend, you must read and practice as many casting call tips as you can, so you are well prepared. Read the brief supplied by your agent and ensure you have everything you need. Also, note the location carefully, don’t go out drinking even when nervous, and take your friends with you. If you want to keep busy before it’s your turn, listen to your favorite music on your phone or play candy crush. 

3. Always keep time

If you are on time, you’re late. It is better to arrive at least ten minutes early for an interview. Showing up early tells the employer that you respect their time. You are not the only one they are interviewing, and maybe they only have a day to choose their candidate. Being on time also shows that you are taking the process seriously. Employers are impressed by people who take their job seriously. Arriving early for a job interview also allows you to get the feel of the work environment and get comfortable with it. If you are nervous in the beginning, you will be a bit calm when heading into the interview.

In the modeling industry, a casting call is considered the interview. With the above tips wrapped up in confidence, you are likely to stand out. Say thank you, smile, and shake hands with the interviewer.

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