3 Storage Tips for Digital Start-Ups Looking to Grow Quickly

Digital start-up companies usually struggle in the first few years as they could lack funds and investment to move forward, as such they need to save all the pennies to make sure they are not another statistic in terms of start-up companies that have failed.  This includes the storage of equipment and they may look at secure storage options to help support their equipment. Digital companies will generally have a lot of IT equipment that could include computers, cameras and lighting that take up a lot of space, therefore, trying to optimise this is the best way to grow the company to their full potential.  Here are 3 storage tips to help you on your way.

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Secure Storage

There are many different secure storage options where you can place your equipment in one of these facilities and access it whenever you want. This sort of facility is rented out based on the size that you need. This can be amended to suit you whether it is larger or smaller.  You can also take out a level of insurance for this area which will help protect you in case something gets damaged. The great thing about this option is that specifically for digital start-up companies, not all the equipment is needed all the time.  This could be specific lighting and cameras for projects that happen occasionally.  

These pieces of equipment will take up a lot of room and this would then mean that your office would need to be of a size to help store all this which would cost a lot more money.  You are not in a contract with the secure storage companies and generally are charged a small amount per day so if your circumstances change, it is normally easy to get your equipment quickly and move to another location.

Built-in Cabinets

In any office, the space is at a premium and if you have lots of digital equipment, storing this in the office could become a hassle.  This is exactly why if you are set on keeping the equipment in the office, it could be an option to store this in cabinets that are out of the way and minimise any space that you would waste.  If you are renting the office and it is not something that you own, then before you go ahead and start building cabinets you will need to get the permission of the landlord.  These cabinets should be constructed in a way to best utilise the storage space within.  

Rental of Digital Equipment 

Digital equipment could be a big expenditure, especially if you are looking for good quality IT, as a result, start-up companies may struggle to purchase these.  An option to help with the finances but also with the storage dilemma would be to initially rent this.  This would not only support the need to rent when you need to minimise storage issues, but it would also allow the end user to try out the equipment before committing to spending a lot of money on a purchase.  When the rented equipment is in the office and not returned to the owner, it is really crucial you consider the secure storage option as due to the price of these items, if something happens you could find yourself forking out a fortune in repairs.


Rental space for offices can be expensive, therefore, it is crucial that you do your best to minimise the expenditure on this by considering the above 3 options above that could help grow the business for start-up companies.

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