What Types Of Storage Might You Need For Your New Start-Up?

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Few things can match the enjoyment, satisfaction and freedom you get from starting your own business. But, starting a business from scratch can be extremely challenging, and there is a lot for entrepreneurs to think about. Obviously, getting your product or service right is the most important thing. But there are a bunch of other things to think about, such as warehousing, data management and document storage, that can easily be forgotten. So in this article, let’s focus on the types of storage you might need for your startup.

Keeping all your documents safe an secure

Most entrepreneurs don’t think about the storage of their document until their office starts overflowing with boxes and files. Perhaps this is because they are under the impression that offices are now paperless. But the truth is, the paperless office is still a long way off for most companies, so it’s well worth spending the time and effort to develop an efficient document storage solution before things get out of hand.

Many business start-ups don’t have to spend a fortune keeping their confidential documents safe and secure. A simple lockable filing cabinet and document management system are all that’s required to start with. Just make sure any solution you implement incorporates a simple but effective indexing system to help locate files with ease.

Organising your inventory and stock with efficient warehouse shelving

Any business that sells physical products will need to consider warehouse shelving. This is the case even if you intend to drop ship to start with because you will need a place to store returns and samples. Warehouse shelving is available in relatively low-cost self-build kits. When selecting shelving, you need to think about weight limits. Standard shelving has a weight limit of 280kg per shelf, but limits of up to 800kg are available.

Most warehouse shelving also comes in bright orange and blue colours. This ensures shelving remains visible for forklift and pallet truck drivers. But for a small office, black warehouse shelving is more than good enough. Whether you need to store clothing, furniture flatpacks, vehicle tyres and more, making sure you use efficient warehouse shelving systems (and have enough shelving for your stock) can help organise your inventory.

Understanding the importance of secure storage options

As your business grows, you will need space for expansion, but finding warehouse space early in the growth cycle can be a challenge. Most warehouse space is only available on long-term leases, which require a significant capital outlay. Secure storage is the perfect solution. Most secure storage facilities allow you to rent space without committing to a long-term contract. This allows you to cost-effectively scale up your storage requirements as your business grows.

When choosing a self-storage unit, look for one that is close to your business as you don’t want to waste time travelling back and forth. If you intend to keep valuable stock in the unit, consider purchasing self-storage insurance for added peace of mind. If you don’t need to upsize, secure storage can also be used for business security in a variety of other ways including safes, sufficient lock systems, and durable storage cabinets.

Keeping your fuel secure and safe with efficient storage solutions

If you are considering storing fuel, diesel, or oil, on your business premises, it’s crucial to understand the importance of safe fuel storage. Proper fuel management and handling involves ensuring that premises follow safety regulations, staff are aware of health and safety guidelines, and that fuel is handled in the proper way. Businesses storing and handling small or large quantities of fuel also need to know safety information around fire risks and spill control. 

Many startups which intend to run lorries, tractors, or a fleet of vehicles, will want to consider investing in on-site fuel storage. Whatever your requirements are, Northern Storage Solutions can offer the best solutions for your business as they have over fifty years industry experience. Whether you need bunded fuel storage, spill containment solutions, or drum storage, they have plenty of options to choose from for your needs.

Data storage

When creating an online startup it’s important to also consider your data storage too. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This sets out how companies must handle personal data. GDPR impacts how companies store data both on-site and in the cloud. Most startups are not going to want to invest in on-site storage, so cloud data storage makes the most sense. But when choosing a cloud provider you must ensure they are GDPR compliant.

It’s also important to have sufficient, effective and secure data storage for your business as there are many technology-related risks to data today. Power outages and spam emails are just some of the security risks for your business that can pose a threat to your company’s technology. Ensuring that your data is properly secured and also sufficiently backed up is crucial to avoid any problems down the line.

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