3 Marketing Tips for Pressure Washing Businesses

If you’re thinking about starting or have started a pressure washing business, and you’re looking for ways to increase the amount of leads you’re getting, in this article we cover the top 5 things you could do to really level up your lead generation efforts.

Focus on you Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile is one of the most overlooked marketing efforts when it comes to pressure washing lead generation. Focusing your efforts here not only helps you look like a more professional and reputable business but will also positively impact your Google Map Pack rankings.

You see when a homeowner goes to Google and searches for “pressure washing company near me” the section that appears directly under the Google ads is the map pack. The biggest ranking factor for showing up ahead of the competition here is the amount and quality of the reviews you have.

So imagine what happens to the number of phone calls you get for pressure washing work when you go from zero, and not showing up at all here, to having 50 and possibly being the number one business in the area.

Have an Amazing Website

When speaking to Sean Houchins, owner of The Social Media Pros a pressure washing marketing agency, he spoke highly about the impact that a professional website can have on your lead generation. He said, “When a potential customers lands on your website, within seconds they have already decided if they’re going to hire you or not”.

The perception of your business to potential customers is often overlooked because while it may not result in direct leads just by having a website, it does a lot of the selling for you, or the opposite if your website isn’t on par with your competitors.

Imagine that same customer lands on a self-built website, after landing on one of your competitors websites that was professionally built, the odds that the customer choses them over you is high. So don’t underestimate the value of a professional website.

Put Out Yard Signs

Yard signs, or bandit signs as they’re sometimes referred to as are small corrugated carboard signs that you can order online that just have the words “pressure washing” and your business phone number on them.

The reason this is one of the best investments you can make for your pressure washing business is because of the low cost, and high reward these signs can have for your business. For roughly $1 per sign, and a $500 investment you could have over 500 year signs that your could disperse in your service area.

Market and season depending on these yard signs typically have about a 3% conversion rate. Meaning that if you were to place out 500 signs you could expect about 15 leads. Making your cost per lead about $33 which is industry standard.

These are just a few tips that could help you to start getting more pressure washing leads and help you grown your business.

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