3 Business Plan Writing Apps Reviewed


If you want any type of potential investor to take you seriously, then you must have a great business plan. It is also a well-known fact that creating a business plan can be a daunting task filled with lots of specific terminology and confusing numbers. However, the process can be broken down into several smaller steps that are much easier to handle. There are many different apps available that will help you do this. Three of these business plan writing apps will now be reviewed.

1. MyBizPlan
MyBizPlan is a free tablet app that provides you with the direction you need so that you will answer the correct questions when you are creating your plan. It provides you with steps that let you to identify your business objectives, so they may be properly defined. This app will also give you ways to more easily research your industry, its market, and your most relevant competitors. It also allows you to manage the finances of your business so that your fiscal projections are far more accurate.

MyBizPlan has many handy tools that can assist you greatly. It gives you the opportunity to see which parts of the plan need to be completed and also lets you select only the parts relevant to your business. In addition, you can easily store your plan in the cloud so that you may access it from anywhere.

2. Enloop
Enloop is a free web-based app for computers and does not yet have a mobile version. This handy tool provides you with the standard text used in most business plans and then lets you edit this text to your exact specifications. It also gives you cash flow, sales, profit and loss, and balance sheet projections, depending on the amounts you enter. Enloop also provides you with colorful graphs that explain this information in a visually exciting way.

The free version of this app gives you the ability to create one business plan. You can upgrade to more expensive versions and gain the ability to produce multiple plans. The paid plans also allow you produce more aesthetically pleasant content. The most expensive plan allows for you to have phone support.

There are some major drawbacks to Enloop. First of all, it does not allow you to create industry specific business plans. Its approach is a one-fits-all solution that may or may not be right for your needs. In addition, Enloop is not capable of producing plans for nonprofit organizations.

3. StratPad
This iPad-only app gives its users all of the tools needed to create the simple components of a business plan. This app gives you the detailed instruction necessary to formulate all of the essential elements of a successful business plan and then helps you with revenue projections. There is a free version of StratPad for students and paid versions that give you lots of upgrades, which provide you with many other tools for editing and making your presentation even more visually attractive.

StratPad works by asking you a simple set of questions. It takes your answers and creates the basic outlines of a working business model complete with financial projections, full-color graphs, and charts. This app has a tutorial and lets you create as many business plans as you like. StratPad also lets you see examples of other professionally written business plans, so you can get a better idea of what a great plan looks like.

When you are new at creating business plans, there are many things that you will probably overlook, so it is a good idea to get some assistance, so you will perform this vital process carefully and accurately. This assistance can come from either technological tools and apps or business experts like AdvancedWriters.com. By having a basic idea about all of the elements involved, you can be sure that all of your bases are covered when you present your pitch to investors.

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