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How Chris Has Managed To Grow Multiple Personalized Gifts Business

Personalized gifts are all the rage these days, and sites like Groovy Groomsmen Gifts offer some phenomenal ones!  This is an online shop full of a wide variety of unique personalized gifts for men in wedding parties – Groomsmen, Best Men, Ring Bearers, etc.  Honestly, after giving it a full look, it’s really a site […]

The Impact of Technology on Major League Baseball

There probably isn’t an area of our lives that hasn’t been impacted by technology over the years. Whether it’s a simple change like introducing an electronic version of your diary for jotting down important dates and appointments, or even more specialist developments like telehealth equipment that allows doctors to monitor your vital signs whilst you’re […]

How Technology is changing Football

Sport has changed a lot over the years. We’re not talking about how rules have been amended over time, but how technology has impacted the way sports operate, specifically in regards to American Football. There have been sweeping changes, and probably will be many more too in the future as new advancements in technology are […]

Are You an Entrepreneur or a Solopreneur?

If you’ve never come across the term ‘solopreneur’ before, we don’t blame you because the term entrepreneur has been used to refer to almost anyone who starts a business, regardless of whether they’re a solo player or manage an entire team who works under them. In this article, we’ll help you figure out if you’re […]

Unconventional Methods to Improve Workplace Productivity

Employee productivity is directly tied to business revenues and profits, but actually boosting the effectiveness of team members is not always straightforward. If you have tried all of the usual strategies and still feel like there is room for optimization, here are some left field alternatives to consider implementing in your own organization. Give employees […]