Are You an Entrepreneur or a Solopreneur?

If you’ve never come across the term ‘solopreneur’ before, we don’t blame you because the term entrepreneur has been used to refer to almost anyone who starts a business, regardless of whether they’re a solo player or manage an entire team who works under them. In this article, we’ll help you figure out if you’re a real entrepreneur or solopreneur at heart by listing out the major differences between the two. If you’re feeling stuck and can’t decide which side you truly belong to (or want to belong to in the future), this article will help clarify any doubt you have in mind, now let’s get started!

Do You Like Working or Managing?

Don’t get us wrong, not every entrepreneur out there is someone who manages a huge team and does nothing more than that. Every single person who has ever started a successful business can tell you that they spent months or years doing most of the work themselves before they managed to build a strong team who worked under them. Despite this, most entrepreneurs are still hard workers who choose to work and manage the rest of their team at the same time. 

Solopreneurs, however, start out as hard workers and remain consistent in their role, without ever having the intention of building a team and taking on a manager role in the future. They are people who love working for themselves and by themselves, without the need of having external dependencies or hiring other people to do what they love doing most! 

How Do You Decide?

No matter what business you plan on starting, you need to first ask yourself if you’re truly going to be a great team player, because building and managing a team is no child’s play. Right from planning with numerous people, collaborating on different ideas, working through miscommunication and confusion, and finally getting the job done, you’ll have to be on your toes to ensure that the entire team is functioning smoothly with no hiccups. 

You’ll have to figure out the best ways of collaboration, right from learning how to manage a shared inbox to centralize all communication between your team and future clients, to making sure everyone is working together and not in silos. When working by yourself, you’ll still have a lot to do on your plate, because you don’t have any consistent helping hands who you can depend on, except yourself. 

Though they both have their cons, there are also benefits that you’ll be able to fully enjoy only if you realize whether you want to work together or alone where business is concerned. 

Think of all the Possibilities

On a final note, before you narrow down on whether you want to be an entrepreneur or solopreneur, consider everything about yourself and your business. The type of business you’re working towards also matters when deciding on whether you’re going to run the show solo or with a team. Some business ventures can be completely taken care of by a single person, provided that they’re extremely efficient and work incredibly hard to meet all the plans in their roadmap and never slack when it comes to keeping up with deadlines. 

However, if you’re starting a business that is definitely not something you can do by yourself, you may have to reconsider your thoughts of working solo. Always remember that an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily need to have a twenty-person team working under them. Some entrepreneurs manage with just two or three individuals who are just as invested in the business as they are, so figure out a strategy that will suit you and your future company before limiting yourself with labels that might only prevent you from growth!

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