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Hill Path Capital’s James Chambers Joins Dave & Buster’s Board of Directors

On December 22, 2020, the leading North American entertainment and dining chain, Dave & Buster’s Entertainment, Inc., welcomed James Chambers to its Board of Directors. A Co-Founder and Partner of the private debt and equity investment firm Hill Path Capital LP, Mr. Chambers will also sit on Dave & Buster’s Audit, Finance, and Compensation Committees.  […]

Why Women Make Great Lawyers

Both women and men make great lawyers, but not always for the same reasons. Here’s why women, specifically, make great lawyers. The legal profession is still very much a male-dominated sector. Although more women than ever are entering the field, few become partners, and many leave the profession within a decade of qualifying. So, what […]

The Why and How of Funding of Your Business

Even before the coronavirus, there’s no doubt that small businesses in the UK were becoming increasingly reliant on external funding and borrowing. A British Business Bank Survey in 2019 found that 44% of SMEs had sought some form of external funding during the previous three years, for example, while this figure is only set to […]

How To Stop Being Productive All The Time Lets You Accomplish More In Less Time

A decade back the focus was on staying productive focusing less on having fun while you work. It can get exhaustive to optimize every single moment and turn it into a productive value. Over a period the ethos of productivity has changed. Doing less and getting more done not only lets you stay productive but […]

3 Ways Startups Can Establish their Brand Quickly

In the business world, time is money. So the faster that a new company can hit the ground running, the better. It’s worth noting that many startups struggle in this regard. It can take some entrepreneurs months –– if not years –– to launch every aspect of their new business. Obviously, this is less than […]