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Q&A with Sheldon Barris, Toronto Lawyer, President of Jorlee Holdings, Ltd.

Sheldon Barris is the founder, owner and president of Jorlee Holdings, Ltd., a Toronto company that provides funding for construction and development projects for clients who don’t qualify for financing from banks and other traditional lending institutions. The many projects Sheldon and his team have funded include View Point Estates, located in Bradford, Ontario. As […]

A Guide to Selecting Key Personnel for a Crisis Communication Team

More and more business owners are realising the benefits of planning for a crisis, when you consider that a business reputation can take many years of hard work to create, yet it can be destroyed in a matter of hours, should an unexpected crisis be dealt with badly. Crisis communication planning means you already have […]

Why Smart Home Technology Deserves your Attention

The idea of a ‘smart’ home isn’t a massive leap in logic from devices we are already used too. We rely on our smartphones every day to keep us organized and entertained; the concept of a “smart” device has been embraced by most. It has been over a decade since the first smart phones were […]

Tips for Fulfilling Your Tax Obligations with a New Business

Starting a new business is a lot of hard work and there are so many things you have to consider. You need to market your new business, be able to offer a brilliant customer service, and supply the goods that you are offering for sale and that’s all after deciding on a name. A business […]

Here’s How Young Entrepreneurs Can Save Money In Business

Young entrepreneurs need to distinguish their voice from an already crowded marketplace. And they have to do it as fast as possible or else, they will run out of funds. Almost 50% of start-ups fail by their fifth year. This explains why financial management is one of the key skills in becoming a successful entrepreneur. […]